If you spend more than an hour around me, you will probably here me reference energy somewhere in our conversation. I love to be energized throughout the day. And my energy level is something that I schedule my life around. It’ something that I have figured out pretty well. So today I want to offer you 10 ways to get energized today!

Your quality of life is all dependent on your energy level. The ability to wake up and go to work, get in 3 workouts per week, eat a healthy diet, raise your kids, study for school, and have a love life seem almost impossible to some. Yet, there are people who manage to do all of that and more! The secret to everlasting energy lies in your daily habits (coffee can only get you so far). For about 2 years I’ve been studying the success habits of high achievers. Along with those studies and observations, I also began to make intuitive tweaks to my own lifestyle. Here are the 10 ways I stay energized throughout the day without coffee:

1. Meditation: Adding a minimum of fifteen minutes of daily meditation helps me silence my mind and conserve my energy. Before I began a regular meditation practice about 6 months ago, I would find myself overthinking. But now, I am able to shut down thoughts that don’t serve me. And as we all know, actions follow thoughts!

2. Ridding my diet of coffee, alcohol, excess sugar, bread, meat,and dairy: This was one of the hardest transitions. But it also had the biggest payoff. After realizing I was exhausted after leaving work, I decided to start cutting things from my diet. A week into this new life, I saw a tremendous spike in my energy levels! Yes, I do miss cheese and my occasional glass of wine, but all of those things don’t compare to the amount of feel good energy I feel when I eat a clean diet. I wouldn’t trade that feeling for the world.

3. Making time for exercise no matter what: This was also hard. It can be difficult to find the motivation to work out for 45 minutes three days a week. But I have NEVER regretted an exercise session. Ever! And that fact keeps me committed. I immediately feel the endorphin rush and it lasts the entire day. Lately, I’ve been finding fun ways to exercise like dancing. I dance for 30 minutes at least four days a week. And I’m considering getting some roller blades too!

4. Going to bed earlier: Instead of staying up late at night watching t.v., I tend to turn in around 10pm.

5. Getting outdoors: Nature immediately rejuvenates me. Especially catching some sun. During my one hour lunch break at work, I take a fifteen minute walk outdoors to get my daily dose of vitamin D.

6. Ignoring the negativity: I stay away from the media as much as possible. Even though I want to be informed, I feel that my mental and emotional health are better when I stay present and shut out all negative media. I am very selective in the type of information that I choose to consume.

7. Avoid Energy Vampires: I know that at times in my life I have been an energy vampire. But now that I am learning how to cultivate and sustain my own energy level, I am more selective of the people that I spend time with. And when someone catches you off guard, don’t engage them. Sometimes they don’t even realize they are doing it.

8. Self care: I like to spend my weekends catering to myself. That means washing and styling my hair, doing my nails, facials, getting my eyebrows done. Whatever it takes to feel like my best self again.

9. Yin Yoga: This form of yoga is meditative and gives a deeper stretch than traditions flow or vinyasa. I feel restored after a good hour of this yoga. So good!

10. Spending time with high-vibration people: If you are determined to fly above the negativity, then you will begin to attract those on a similar path. And it feels so good connecting with these individuals. Energy flows well and you are able to bounce ideas off of one another.

There are many ways to increase your energy. These are the ways that have worked for me. What are some ways you get energized? Please share!