The dressing is not about wearing anything, it is more about dressing right for a particular occasion with the right kind of accessories. Dressing on par with current trends is the easiest way to amp up your fashion game. You can upgrade your fashion with simple techniques and tips. Belts, scarf, color pop, handbags, shoes all form a part in fashion and can turn anything simple into party wear.

So here are the 10 ways to Step Up your fashion game at a party:

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  1. Layering Up

Layering is the most interesting part of the dressing. You have the advantage of creating multiple looks in one party. You can pair up your dress with a shrug or smart scarf to serve the purpose or lace top with a jacket. This is the easiest way to create heads turn in a party. In winters layering looks really amazing and serves a dual purpose- protects you from cold and makes you look super attractive.


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2. Sneaker All The Way

Since times immemorial stilettos are the perfect party pair, but not anymore! Wake up girls, there’s no need to put your feet through terrible pain. Yes, you heard that right. Sneakers are the solution. Fit in sneakers and rule the party. Currently, sneakers are the perfect pick for any traditional or western outfit, super comfortable and add a bubbly vibe to the look.

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3. Choose Minimal Makeup

Putting all sort of makeup on your face would not make you look beautiful and perfect, but the reality is it’ll make you look gaudy. While everyone else is choosing to powder their countenances, we suggest you keep makeup minimum and natural. Blush, mascara, lip color are the basic on the go makeup. These days bare makeup look is more acceptable than applying pancake to the face. Many beauty brands have launched their nude palette that you should give a try.

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4. Minimal Jewelry

Keeping jewelry to a minimum is a big yes. Pair your outfit with simple charm bracelet or plain trendy necklace. A classy watch on the wrist is an ultimate piece of jewelry. Minimum is more in the current era. You can also add a vintage look to your outfit. Big brands have launched many minimal pieces of jewelry sets keeping in mind the latest trend. These pieces work both for parties and office wear.

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5. Choose a Jumpsuit

Dresses are not the only party outfits. Jumpsuits too can be an option for the party night. Jumpsuits can be styled in any way to match the occasion. Solid color jumpsuits are a must have in your wardrobe. Many cold shoulders or off shoulder jumpsuit can be paired with statement neck piece in order to get a classy look. Jumpsuit in metallic or animal print can add a fun vibe to it. Walk in with a glass of eagle rare and rock the show.

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6. Boots A Fresh Pick

Boots are a new trendsetter. Boots are available in different patterns in vibrant colors to match up your outfit. In winters you can wear knee length boots along with a short dress to amp up your look. Boots add a fun and elegant look to your dress.  Boots are available in a huge variety. If you are looking for total comfort your pick should be a flat base or if you want you can fit in high heel piece too. It completely depends on your comfort and the type of outfit you are going to wear to the venue. Boots add a new dimension to your look without hurting your foot.

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7. Tie it up

Tying up knots to simple t-shirts or shirts for a casual house party is a thumbs up look. House party are about laughter, music and chilling with Louis XIII cognac. Side knots to your boyfriend tee is the best way to style up oversized t-shirts and flaunt your figure. Pairing up a knotted top with loose pants is the best way to get a breezy look for the day. Knotted tops are one of the best picks in your wardrobe. You can style them in several ways from casual chic to a polished look.

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8. Bring the Disco Back

In mid-1970s disco clothing gained its frequency. The most famous outfits to complete disco look are a jersey wrap dress, a knee length dress, loose pants, spandex skirts. These outfits became an immediate hit and gained space in the wardrobe. Flared pants can be appropriately paired with crop sequin tops for a party venue. Disco clothes worn by women in 1970s are still in fashion.

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9. Belt it Up

Clinching is the ultimate secret to make your simple outfit glamorous. If you have a loose oversized tee tie a belt at waist tightly making it look more coordinated and fit. Many times you tend to buy an outfit but leave that particular outfit just because it didn’t have a good fitting on your waist, clinching is the way to wear that. Next time you see an oversized cable knit sweater buy it and clinch it. Try using thick belts or scarfs to add a trendy look to the plain jane outfit with this simple trick.

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10. Add a Touch of Color

Having knowledge about your skin tone and colors that suit you is a boon. Colors are beautiful especially the ones that pop up your personality. Don’t get carried away by the trend of earthy colors and avoid colors. Sometimes it is good to wear fresh wild colors to reflect a happy side without saying anything. You can always add different colors, patterns, and prints to make your dress look more classy and updated. Add vibrant hues to your dress to make it more alive and bubbly.

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