There is a certain something that has sparked a deep longing inside of me. A longing to be more of myself. More of what makes me come alive and less of what society says I should be. I’ve been on this journey for a few years now and I feel it’s finally coming to a head.

Femininity, what is it and what does it look and feel like? Beyond the makeup and the feminine clothes. What is femininity truly and how does it behave. I have researched this topic many times over the past few years. In my journey of self discovery I have come to realize that true femininity is true magnetism. It isn’t aggressive and overpowering yet it is all encompassing. It doesn’t shout and make demanding declarations it inspires change. And it is a force to be reckoned with!

white dress stairs winds black and white

We all have a masculine and feminine side to ourselves but usually one side dominates. And you have the power to choose which side you want to bring forth. In my early twenties I used more of my masculine energy. I was aggressive, angry, and sometimes destructive. I was fearful of opening myself up. That showed up in my life as dating troubles, trust issues, and lack of self confidence. I always felt like I needed to be “doing” something. Never content to just be. Today, I show up in my feminine energy more. I’m more calm, I don’t anger easily, and I act only when inspired, otherwise I usually prefer luxuriating, painting my nails, reading a good book, or cooking. My confidence is less boastful. My confidence is so confident that its most often undetectable. That is until someone tries to force me into a mold and realize that my roots are firmly planted.

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My most inspirational teachings have come from the art of allowing. A philosophy taught by medium Esther Hicks. It’s metaphysical stuff that permeates this “concrete” world we live in.

I am much happier now, at peace, more calm, and more excited than ever about my future.

How do you show up in your feminine energy?