With Spring just around the corner, everyone is thinking about cleaning out the old and getting on with the new. When you are living a sustainable lifestyle,  one of the key factors in your decoration game plan is the ability for a style to stand the test of time. I’ve rounded up some of the biggest home decor trends of 2018. These trends are timeless and a fun way to freshen up your living space. Peep the slideshow below!

Worn Leather Couches

Leather couches used to be a thing. Well now they are back and the more worn they are, the more comfy.

Copper Accents

Whether it’s your lighting fixtures, or the faucets in your bathroom. You can spruce up your home by adding copper accents. Think the knobs on drawers and cabinets, walls hooks, and light fixtures.

Wall Tapestries

Wall tapestries are still going strong as a great decoration piece. If you need inspiration on finding the perfect one for your space, check out my article here. Otherwise, have fun playing with lengths and colors. It’s all about adding texture to your space. This bohemian tapestry from Francesca’s would fit perfectly into the corner of a room.

Spa Bathrooms

Spa bathrooms are trending and why doesn’t this surprise me? Who wouldn’t want to wake up every morning and get ready in their own personal spa environment? Can’t afford to turn your bathroom into spa? Try having a spa day at home instead. It will give you the spa feel without the price tag for a full makeover.

Printed Sofa Chair

It’s ok to be bold with a loud print. It adds color and character to your space. I recommend taking an old sofa chair, chaise lounge, or futon to get re-upholstered. Visit your local reupholstery shop and pick out a fabric that you think will stand the test of time. Think stripes, floral, geometric prints.