You know when your home is just completely turned upside down, and there’s stuff scattered all over the place at random? Doesn’t feel so good, does it? For the vast majority of us, living in a messy, chaotic, and disordered home results in us becoming agitated, anxious, and feeling like things in our lives are just out of control in general.

Maybe that’s not too surprising when you consider the fact that our home is the intimate space where we sleep, eat, shower, and find ourselves at our most vulnerable. It’s a pretty short trip from there to our home environment influencing our emotions and state of mind. If you find that your home is completely upside down and that you struggle to keep it in any kind of decent order for long, you might do yourself a world of good by finding some techniques to overcome this issue.

So, here are some suggested tips.

Install flooring and use furniture that is easy to clean and doesn’t trap much dirt.

One major reason why some homes seem to stay dirty and dusty pretty much all year round, is that they feature carpets and upholstery that really store all the dust and dirt they come into contact with, the highest imaginable degree. Now, that isn’t necessarily the end of the world, if you’re the kind of person who regularly vacuums, dusts, and attends to the minute cleaning tasks of the home. If you’re a bit less organized and domestically-minded, however, you’re not doing yourself any favors by having dirt-accumulating furnishings in your home.

Sheet vinyl is a cost-effective flooring option that is also easy to clean. Consider switching out your home furnishings for things you can dust off more easily.

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messy plates

Focus on getting your cleaning habits right with regards to the little things — they’re what it’s all about.

You know how your home seems to become a complete dump over-night, looking like a bomb just went off? Well, most of the time, that doesn’t happen overnight after all. It happens a little bit by little bit, over time, as you ignore the small chores and issues in our home and let them pile up.

If you want to keep your home in order, it’s essential that you focus on getting your cleaning habits right with regards to the little things. In fact, that’s what it’s all about. Wash each plate after using it. Sweep the floor whenever you see crumbs on it. If you tackle these issues when they first arise, you’ll never get to the point of having a waste dump to deconstruct.

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thin organized in a home

Reduce clutter as much as possible.

It’s just way easier to clean and tidy a home that isn’t stuffed full of a million random little items. In fact, even just having clutter in your home, to begin with, can prevent it from being a neat and tidy place. Declutter your home and reduce the extra and excessive trinkets, and you automatically simplify your whole environment. Not only will your home become a more tidy, focused, and elegant place as a result, but it will be a whole lot easier to clean, as well.