Let me get really real with you guys. It’s difficult posting fashion articles when you are a sustainably focused blogger. I rarely shop for new clothes so I have to get creative when sprucing up my wardrobe. If you are struggling to keep your wardrobe fresh, try these three easy tricks to get out of a style rut!

Tie It Up!

One of my absolute favorite fashion tricks is tying my t-shirts and even button downs. This impromptu crop top looks professional if paired with a high waist skirt and it’s fresh.


woman tying shirt


woman tying shirt

This white Izod button down was a thrift find that I purchased when I worked as a waitress. Now I tie it up and wear it as a sexy crop with my favorite high-waisted double slit skirt, blue jean shorts, and jeans.

Swap With Friends

A great way to save money and keep a fresh wardrobe is by hosting a clothing swap with your friends and co-workers. I’ll be doing a post about how to host a clothing swap very soon. Stay tuned!

woman in skirt and purple shirt

woman sitting in chair working purple shirt

I scooped this colorful Express blouse from a co-worker who was trying to get rid of some clothes (she’s super stylish too). Don’t think you are too good for some freebies or hand me downs. I hand out clothes that I no longer want or that I think would look better on someone else. I also jump at the opportunity to freshen up my wardrobe with pieces from other women’s closets. It’s a shopping spree without the buyer’s remorse. Save that money to pay off your car or put into your emergency fund. This is an adult move.

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Dress Minimal Except For Your Accessories

If you’ve been following the minimalist style trend, you’ll notice that black, white, and grey are key color codes. These neutral colors always look polished and pair with other colors really easily. I like to kick the minimalist look up a notch.

woman holding a clutch

woman holding a clutch purse

This purse from India is one of my favorites, but because of the busy print, it doesn’t pair with most items in my wardrobe. I pull it out when I’m wearing my neutrals to add a fun pop of color. It becomes an instant statement piece.

black woman looking down smiling

Neutrals are the perfect canvas for fun statement jewelry pieces. I like to pull out all of my gold pieces to keep from looking too basic.

When you feel that you’ve run out of clothing options (we’ve all been there) take a breath and get creative. Many times we feel that we need to buy something to fill that void when really all we need to do is play with our clothes more. My sustainable lifestyle forces me to be creative in all areas of my life. It’s a fun challenge that allows me to tap into my inner genius. I challenge you to walk away from the shopping cart and play dress up in your closet. You’ll be amazed what stylish combinations you come up with when you just have fun with fashion. What’s your favorite way to get out of a style rut? Share your style secrets in the comments section.