The bathroom has become a major focus in home building and designing. It has become more of a space where you can relax, and deal with tension and stress and even standard toilet attires leaves a great impression on the guests who visit your house. A black and white bathroom is all the rage right now. It is a timeless style but at the same time, it can look quite modern and stylish. It all depends on your personal taste and the way you choose to style it.

Here are seven ideas to give your bathroom a complete makeover:

  1. All White

An all-white bathroom looks simple, fresh and beautiful. Organic elements like aged flooring, weathered tiles, and vintage fixtures have their own charm and work extremely well in a white bathroom. A stone sink in a charcoal or grey color will contrast crisply with the otherwise bright white room. Brighten up the look with a colorful shower curtain. Or keep it minimal with black plumbing fixtures for a clean, crisp look.

  1. Hardware

You can coordinate the color scheme by opting for an all white or all black hardware in a black and white bathroom. Or have fun with your choices. Use them to introduce pops of color or sparkle to your bathroom through gorgeous hardware. Exquisite lighting can make the bathroom shine while giving it a serious aesthetic appeal. A classic chandelier can give the room a lavish look. Opt for a shapely slipper bathtub where you can relax your back while enjoying some good old wine. Perfect for some weekend pamper session!

  1. Polished Patterns

For added interest and detailing, opt for tiles in different prints and patterns. Mosaic tiles add movement and visual interest which works to elevate the look of your bathroom. Large porcelain floor tiles also work well to give your bathroom a sophisticated look. Another good option is to opt for black or white marble countertops. They will give a classic, polished look to your bathroom.

  1. Eclectic Bathroom

A black and white bathroom doesn’t necessarily have to look and feel modern. While the walls and floorings can be kept black and white, you can capture an eclectic design by incorporating a Victorian theme. Retro accents like leather chairs, industrial fixtures and fittings and wall portraits work together to give a vintage feel to the otherwise monochromatic room.

  1. Use Decorative Items

 Use accessories like curtains, vases, wall art and mats to enhance the look of your bathroom. Store lotions and shampoos in colorful reusable bottles Natural elements like wood and browns can help to give the room a cozy, comfortable feel. For budget-friendly options, go for towels in eye-catching colors or rope woven baskets that can help to add texture and also serves as extra storage.

  1. Introduce Metal and Greens

 Adding a touch of warm gold with the mirror and the hardware in a black and white bathroom will work wonders in giving the room a subtle glow and softness. Bathroom accessories in silver, rose gold and brass will heighten the dimension, depth, and luxury of the room. A hint of green through the plant growing near the bathtub will give this bathroom the much-needed welcoming and cheery appeal.

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  1. Creative Contrast

 Warm textures like a rich, stained wood flooring will stand in contrast to the minimalistic look of the room and will also help in visually expanding the space. Add color with a bright flower vase on the countertop to enhance the overall look of the room. You can also try tiling, in a dark neutral color, halfway up the wall. Paint the ceiling above it in white to maximize the brightness of the room.

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