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Flowers are popping up everywhere, and I’m not talking about in vases. Floral prints and embroidery are invading our closets and for a good reason. Fall and Winter fashion tend to get a bit drab in the color department. So what better way to spruce up your outfit than by throwing a bouquet of red roses on top? Or why not run through a field of poppies in hopes that some of the petals linger on your velvet mules? Ok, I kid. But that’s exactly what it looks and feels like when you add the beauty of flowers to your outfit.

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Zara Embroiered Top detailed shot

Below I’ve picked some of my favorite looks from sustainable fashion brand Reclaimed Vintage. Reclaimed Vintage uses dead stock fabrics to create edgy fashion pieces and they do an amazing job of mixing edgy with the sweetness of fresh flowers. Every rose has it’s thorns, or so they say.

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