affordable bohemian decor to upgrade your bedroom


Not too long ago I wrote about my bohemian bedroom makeover. Well, I’m still decorating! I get bored really easily, and I wasn’t completely sold on my bedroom decor. I specialize in bohemian decor with a luxurious feel. If you search the internet or Pinterest you might find bohemian bedrooms that are indeed earthy, free-spirited, and cozy. But what many lack are sense of polish. Today’s post is all about discovering the bohemian in you without sacrificing quality and style.

Below you’ll see what my room looked like before my recent changes. It was stylish of course, but by swapping out certain elements, I was able to completely change the mood of the space. Here’s how to achieve a cozy bohemian lair without the breaking the bank.


Replace Your Head Board With a Tapestry

Want to make your room feel bigger? Remove your headboard  (in my case a large canvas picture) and replace it with a floor to ceiling tapestry. Choose one that compliments your room decor and that creates the mood that you want for your room. My room is decorated in various shades of blue for a calming effect. It feels very Mediterranean like I should be by the ocean (my favorite place). This blue tapestry is the perfect addition. It’s not too matchy matchy and compliments the tribal/bohemian feel of my bed quilt.

For a warm and earthy space opt for browns, burgundy, and red hues:

Urban Outfitters has wonderful tapestries that are under $30. This medallion tapestry is a wonderful shade of burgundy and it’s less than $20. And this red medallion tapestry is perfect for creating a warm look in your home.

For a masculine and grounded space opt for navy blues, black, and forest green hues:

This botanical printed tapestry is a wonderful way to combine the feminine and the masculine. And this plum and bow tapestry is the perfect unisex look.


Replace Your Bedside Lamp with a Salt Lamp

Bedside lamps can be very bulky and dated. Salt lamps are a great alternative because it provides that earthy vibe I love. Plus, they say these lamps help soak up the negative energy in your room. I’m all for energy cleansing.


Flower Power

Never underestimate the power of fresh flowers. They instantly brighten your room and makes it come alive. Plus, who doesn’t love fresh flowers? I don’t always have the extra money to spend on fresh flowers so I like to choose varieties that are known for looking great once they have dried out.

Throw Pillows

Pillows are a woman’s best friend. They add such a cozy feel to a bed. And even though most of them end up on the floor, they are so pretty to look at. Below are some styles to suit any taste.

For a modern and clean look choose these throw pillows:


For a bright and clean look choose these throw pillows:


For an eclectic and colorful look choose these throw pillows:


It’s so easy to achieve the bohemian bedroom of your dreams. And with these added elements, you can easily upgrade the look of your room or change the mood instantly.
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