“It’s the holiday season, the holiday season, and Santa Clause is coming round — He’ll be coming down the chimney down”, I think that’s how the tune goes. Christmas is less than a week away and I’ll be spending this weekend sipping hot chocolate and listening to Christmas carols. I wanted to share my review of the Bareminerals Go Nude or Make a Statement Lipkit just in time for any last minute gift runs. You can find this kit at Sephora or online here.

photo of baremineral go nude or make a statement lip kit

I had been searching for a lipstick kit as opposed to just one tube of lipstick because I wanted a lip color for every occasion. For me, lipstick is like war paint. LOL. I don’t wear it all the time, but I realize that I tend to wear it when I want to make a statement. So I was searching for a brand that I trust (I’ve been using Bareminerals foundation for over 5 years and I love it). And when I discovered this lip kit from Bareminerals I got excited. This black Friday purchase will last me through all of 2018.

black and gold lipstick standing up on a silver tray

tubes of bareminerals lipstick standing on silver platter


What I love about this kit is that there is a color for every skin tone and for every occasion. My favorite colors in this kit are the darker ones. The ‘NSFW‘ is a great deep burgundy color, my favorite color to wear in the winter. And the ‘SRSLY Red‘ color is a great rich sexy red. Everyone needs a sexy red lip color.

black woman wearing for different color from the bareminerals lip kit

There’s a certain power that comes with wearing lipstick. Similar to wearing heels, when a woman wears lipstick, you know she means business. I find that at work, I tend to wear lipstick when I know I’m coming into to a lot of s*$@ maybe some fires that need to be put out, or maybe the day before was rough and I need something to boost my mood. Lipstick has the power to transform your look. I admit, I tend to look a little older when I wear it so I try not to wear it too much but it’s good to have a good power color for the right occasion.

My day job is as an account manager/onboarder at a major start-up. My job requires a lot of flexibility because things change so fast. I recently had the realization that I’d have to step-up and assist in training 3 new hires. The next day I wore the NSFW color just as a mental boost. I had forgotten how much energy it takes to help ramp up new hires and stay on top of your own work. So needless to say, this week I’ve been honing my training skills. Doing my best to remain compassionate and patient while still being realistic about the work involved in our job role. And yes, for some reason, lipstick makes me feel better about it all. 🙂

bareminerals liptstick over head shot


The only thing I didn’t like about this kit was that the nude colors (kitty and tease) tend to look ashy against my skin. They aren’t my favorites from this bunch, but I will blend them with the darker colors to create an entirely new lip color.

image of all of the lipstick colors in the bareminerals lip kit on a black womans arm as testers

lipsticks strewn across a silver platter

Shopping Details

Bareminerals Go Nude or Make a Statement $21 (steal!) This kit has 8 mini lipsticks from their Gen Nude Radiant collection and Statement collection.

Bareminerals Kitty Lip Color $20

Bareminerals Tease Lip Color $20

Bareminerals XOX Lip Color $20

Bareminerals Alpha Lip Color $20

Bareminerals Love Lip Color $20

Bareminerals SRSLY Red Lip Color $20

Bareminerals Mantra Lip Color $20

Bareminerals NSFW Lip Color $20

I hope this post inspires you to find your POWER lip color. And may you have a wonderful and relaxing Christmas. So much l-o-v-e and red lipstick kisses (I’m in a really jolly mood as I type this)!