How often do you find yourself considering a business venture, but never really moving forward because you’re not sure of its potential? The simple truth is, the digital world is blooming, we have all kinds of fun and profitable businesses popping up everywhere, but certain industries and ideas thrive more than others. So, ladies, if you’re fed up with the nine-to-five monotony and you’re eager to get those creative juices flowing to start your own business, or at least a side hustle, look no further.

For 2019, the world has so much in store when it comes to different and lucrative opportunities. From using your talent and education, all the way to monetizing property ownership, you can tap into a number of different options and build them into exciting and challenging business ideas! Let’s take a look at several of the finest ideas in store of 2019!

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small business idea beauty products

Business Idea #1 – For passionate brand ambassadors – affiliate marketing

Do you have those several brands you would trust your entire kitchen with? Or a specific product, the “one and only” you’d ever use to treat your skin troubles? You’d be surprised how fast and how well online brands build bonds with their most loyal customers. If you’re on this list, and you can help others with similar issues find a solution, then affiliate marketing can combine your passion and profitability.

By building your own blog and posting reviews of the products that you use and the brands that you trust, you can steadily grow your income online through commissions. Keep in mind that nowadays, this is meant to be a conversation, so you can expect people asking questions in the comment section, and you should do your best to engage with your readers at every turn. That way, your audience will grow, and so will the popularity of the brands you work with.

If you prove to be a pro at marketing and you love the work. You may decide to expand and start your own marketing agency

business ideas bookkeepin on laptop

Business Idea #2 – For gals good with numbers – bookkeeping

As a one-woman show, you sure can pack quite a punch for brands in need of your services. As long as you have the right credentials and the latest certification for working as an accountant or a bookkeeper, you can rest assured there will be many people knocking on your door soon enough.

The beauty of it? You can run this business from the comfort of your home, you can set up a little office downtown, or you can partner up with local bookkeepers who are eager to share a work space with you, and you can build up this business from there!

business ideas real estate

Business Idea #3 – For managers at heart – property investment

You have a little bundle of your own savings, and you want to make a wise investment that will give back for years to come? Among many ways to put money to work for you, one of the best and most reliable ways is to purchase a desirable property such as an apartment and rent it out to locals or travelers. But how can you decide on the kind of property, the finest location, the one with the most potential to retain its desirability over the years?

Well, it’s wise to take investment property seminars where you can master the essential skills you need to do the research for the best property, how to create your own financial strategy, and ultimately allow your investment to work for you. Upon gaining these skills, you can see what the market has in store for you, find a gorgeous apartment and turn it into a dream home for your future tenants! 

Business Idea #4 – For your inner teacher – language tutoring

Native English speakers all over the globe have started working on the go, or even from home, to replace their standard office and classroom-based jobs. Why? Because the world is in need of passionate teachers who are wonderful pedagogues, and if you fit the bill, you can benefit as well as make a difference in so many ways!

For starters, you can teach in an existing school, and Asia is brimming with options. Then again, you can start your own teaching platform online, you can use Skype as a means to create a virtual classroom, and you can work with people from all over the globe. This is perhaps one of the most rewarding jobs for 2019, and one of the best ways to help the world communicate better all in one go!


While small businesses in all realms are thriving this year, some ideas have more potential than the others. Look into these options, find what brings you joy, and you’ll turn 2019 into a very profitable, rewarding year for yourself!


About the author: Mike Johnston is a lifestyle and business blogger from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and Divine Magazine. He has also contributed to numerous other home improvement, family and green living blogs. Mike’s goal is to create and share meaningful content that helps and inspires people.