The time has come to immerse myself in another travel adventure. I’m excited to be going adventuring through the beautiful country of Ecuador and I’m excited to share my travel journey with you beautiful people! This trip has been a long time coming as I have done no traveling since my trip to Peru in May 2015. But Alas, I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I can take a nice vacation. I believe that taking a break is extremely important. Even if you don’t go on a major vacation, taking time to unplug from your normal day to day can work tremendous wonders in adding balance to your life.

I’m a lover of the great outdoors and whenever I get the chance to spend some time enjoying the beautiful air and land that mother earth provides for us, I am in my happy place. So, how does this blogger girl leave behind all of her worldly pleasures for a more satisfying and care-free backpacking trip? Well, she only packs her essential beauty goods. I’m not a makeup free kind of traveler. I hope that one day me and my skin can compromise. Then, I’ll happily travel purely makeup free (though I realize now, that I am not far from this point in my life). For this two week backpacking trip, I plan on bringing only my most treasured beauty essentials. You know the ones that keep you from looking completely dead in the morning. LOL.


  1. My bare-minerals powder foundation is always my go to to help balance my complexion. I will though not wear this everyday as adventure travel can get sweaty. I don’t want to be a muddy mess. But there are times during our trip where we go out for dinner and I don’t want to look like a complete gypsy.
  2.  A good mascara like Rodial’s Glamolash Mascara Skinny will help give my eyes some love. I think mascara is a minimal makeup product that does wonders for brightening a woman’s face. A MUST!
  3. A good sunscreen for ultimate skin protection is also very important. I’ve been loving UNSUN Cosmetics tinted sunscreen because it has a slight tint that helps it blend into my skin better. I’ve been undergoing laser hair removal treatment on my face and in order to prevent scarring on my skin, I have to wear sunscreen when I’m planning to be in the sun.

So there you have it. The list is short, as it should be. I truly want to embrace being free. And I love my natural beauty enough to forgo a fully done up face. I am excited to share with you my travel adventures when I return. But I won’t be posting any new blog posts for two weeks while I’m away. You can stay current on my adventures by following me on Snapchat & Instagram : @mybrownsparklez as I’ll surely find some time to connect to WiFi and share what I’ve been up to.


Feeling so blessed! XOXO