Beginning a new job can be very exciting. I’m transitioning to a different commute and navigating the public transportation system downtown. If you’ve ever been to Austin, Texas, you know how rapidly the city is growing. With that growth comes construction and dusty construction areas. And with all the downtown pollution, my skin is having the case of teenage acne! I woke up last Friday morning with bumps everywhere. It’s so unlike my skin, and I haven’t had a considerable change in my diet. That’s what inspired me to finally give this Anti-Pollution Face Mist from Ren a try. I’ve been stashing this baby for a couple of months, after receiving the deluxe sample size from Sephora.

The photos above are from earlier this month at the height of my breakout. I’m not wearing any makeup. If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that I talk a lot about hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Being of a darker complexion, I am more prone to dark spots from pimples and ingrown hairs. You can read my post about the products I use to help prevent and reverse hyperpigmentation. It’s full of wisdom from other readers battling the same issue and the solutions that they have found.

This mist is great because you can use it on top of your moisturizer and makeup. I really love that aspect of the product. And I’ve really enjoyed using it this past week. My skin care regime usually goes something like this:

I wake up in the morning and cleanse my skin, lately I’ve bee using Noxema but I want to transfer over to another natural face wash, like this one from Ren. After washing, I usually do a full face of makeup with concealer and foundation. After, I spray the Ren Anti-pollution spray all over my face. This is great because it gives my skin a natural sheen. The moisture takes the cakey look of my make up away. And the glow lasts all day!


Since I began using the product on Monday February 13, I’ve noticed a decrease in new pimples and the ones I had have been healing. I used a sample of this product but I plan on buying the full-size immediately (like after I write this post).

I foresee the Anti-pollution mists as a beauty trend for 2017. There are a few on the market now, check them out below!