If you’ve noticed a decline in the number of posts on the blog, this post is designed to explain why. You see, I take this influencer business very seriously. So seriously, that I’ve cut down on the amount of content I produce because my ideas just aren’t good enough. On top of that, I’m a sustainable blogger. That means I have to walk my talk daily. Here’s what it’s really like to a be a (sustainable) fashion blogger.

Idea Generation

Good ideas are my secret sauce. I keep a note on my phone for whenever a new idea pops into my head and the really good ones are the ones that make it on to my Instagram feed or on the blog. At a certain point in the game, you have to stop just creating content to stay on people’s minds and create things that will truly inspire people. I’m starting to embrace the less is more philosophy. And I focus more on the quality of each post. Plus, some of my best ideas are very spontaneous (the artist’s way) so there’s no true schedule to good creative content. Below is a video that I created on a whim. Two hours of extreme focus well spent.


Getting the Perfect Shot

If you’ve never seen a style blogger in action, well here’s your opportunity. In the past, I’ve had my mom take photos, hired my cousin to take photos, and collaborated with other style bloggers to take photos of one another. But mostly, I hire photographers, to take photos for me. It’s pricey but it allows me to be more relaxed in front of the camera. Oh yeah, and I also take a lot of my own shots with my camera and tripod. It’s hard work.

black woman looking at her feet

black woman putting on shoes

black woman putting on shoe

Wardrobe changes in the car? CHECK. Wardrobe changes in corners of buildings when no one is watching? CHECK. This is how it’s done. At least for me. Some bloggers invest in a portable pop-up changing room. When I get a team, that’ll be my next move. But for now, I’m perfectly fine with ducking into restrooms at the local coffee shops.

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Can I Get An Assistant Please? Ok, I’ll settle for photoshop…

One of the toughest things about photoshoots is having someone there who knows how to look for flaws. You know that dandruff on your shoulder that shows up in the pictures, or that tag hanging out of the side of your borrowed purse. This is really important because you could go an entire photoshoot not knowing. And then, once you see your final images they look amazing except for that piece of spinach in the side of your tooth that the photographer forgot to point out. Let’s play a little game, look at the images below. Can you spot the bloopers?

Image 1

woman crossing the street

woman crossing street

If you were able to spot the dust marks on my ass in the first image, kudos to you! Prior to taking this photo, I sat down on a concrete ledge. Little did me and my blogger friend know, I had gotten dust all over my booty. That is until after we checked the images on the camera.

Image 2

woman stretching arms

woman stretching

If you spotted the deodorant under my pits in image 2 then you have a good eye. I remember that on this day I had to keep asking my photographer if I had visible deodorant under my arms. It was quite embarrassing because he was all up in my pits. This image slipped through the cracks but photoshop was invented for a reason.

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So another stressor that bloggers have is meeting the deadlines of companies who we’ve partnered with. The bigger the collaboration, the more specific the criteria of the content and deadlines. Scoring a major collaboration with a brand or company that I love is great! But, it also comes with the pressure to perform. There is absolutely no room for error. It’s called a blog business for a reason!

girl working on computer

Me working hard to get the new content out while wearing my new WAMA undies. Shout out to WAMA Undies for my hemp underwear. If you are looking for an ethical undergarment brand, I highly suggest you check these guys out! I’m wearing the WAMA Hemp Hipsters in a size small and they are the first pair of ethical undies I’ve ever had. I hope to add more to my collection soon!


woman wearing black underwear

Make it Look Effortless

The last thing I want to touch on is how to make things look effortless. When I started my blog 5 years ago, I used to hustle my ass off. I read tons of articles, practiced taking stock photos with my camera, and followed other top bloggers religiously. It was a HUSTLE. Now that I’m at a place where I L-O-V-E the platform that I’ve created, I have relaxed a lot more. I work on my own schedule (what schedule?) I pick and choose which brands I work with and that I feature on my blog, and I have full creative control. This allows me to do things with passion and desire rather than necessity. If I look effortless, it’s because I am effortless. I’m L-A-Z-Y and proud of it. I won’t knock the hustle, but I’ve found that I am happier when I care(less). Yes, I said it. I care very little what other people think of my work. My creative efforts are first and foremost for my own enjoyment. If I can enrich someone else’s life in the process, even better.

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woman smiling

The look on my face when I have a boatload of bomb photos on my phone. Ready for the IG slay. 

Thank you for reading, I hope this post has helped shed some light on what it is that I do and how I do it. There’s so much that I didn’t mention, but this is just a quick behind the scenes look. Are you thinking about starting a blog and would like to know more about how to begin? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email at mybrownsparklez@gmail.com, I happy to help!