This weekend I made the decision to chop off my hair. Actually, I contemplated this move about a month ago, and made the final decision on Friday. It’s probably the most spontaneous thing I’ve done with my hair. Five years ago I made my first BIG CHOP. And transitioned from using chemical hair relaxers to wearing my natural afro hair texture. I grew to love my natural hair and actually found that short hair suited me. That didn’t stop me from trying to grow it back out though. During the four years that it grew, I damaged the front severely from heat styling. My hair is very thin and can’t take too much manipulation.

So, once I came to the realization that I was running out of ways to style my hair, I knew I needed to make change. I was inspired by Pinterest to make the move to cut it off again.

This image from The Cut Life was a favorite. I love the volume and the cut of the model’s hair. It fits her heart shaped face perfectly.

Vlogger Sheila Ndinda is #naturalhairgoals . Her short bantu knot out convinced me that this was the route for me. We have similar hair textures so I was certain that I’d be looking fly in no time. So all that was left to do was book that hair appointment!


I’m channeling Nina Simone. No, but seriously. I went to hair stylist Latashia Mitchell who specializes in natural hair. She tapered my hair so that it was very short around the nape of the neck and the sides of my head. And left a few inches on the top. This helps to create that lifted shape.


Please follow me on Instagram @mybrownsparklez to see my short how-to video on creating the look below!


I love this look so much because it evolves with time. Once styled, you can wear this look for at least two to three days with some light fluffing of the hair.

The products I use to create this look are old stand-bys. I’m a big fan of Eco Styler Gel for the longest time. There’s minimal flaking when using this product so I can use it multiple days in a row. I also like to use a bit of Murray’s Beeswax. It’s perfect for helping to seal my curls. Combined with the Eco Styler Gel it helps me create curls that hold for days on end. And the last product that I’ve been using since getting this hair cut that I’m LOVING and I’m mad I’m just now discovering (things come to us when we really need them) is Aunt Jackie’s Half & Half. This product is great for refreshing your curls after a goodnight’s sleep. Spray, fluff, and apply a bit of Eco Styler and you are ready to roll!