This past week I stumbled upon to great discoveries.



What even is ‘dirty’ viscose? Well, from what I have gathered, viscose is typically seen as a more sustainable textile because it is made with processed wood pulp similar to tencel. This can get sticky because there are factories that are notorious for leaking waste into the environment. More sustainably produced viscose would prevent waste by-product from the creation of the fabric from running into the area water ways etc. Read more on this discovery here. And be sure to leave your opinion on the topic. I love that this is being brought to light. I recently wrote about how I like to shop at big box brands such as H&M and Zara, because I want to support their sustainable efforts. Calling them out on their practices is a great way to hold them accountable and to hopefully steer them in the right direction.

2. New Wash| New Hair|New Routine by Steven Killian – This lifestyle blogger has some awesome content and is a DIY master. I loved reading about his new hair routine and the product that keeps his coif so, well, coiffed!

3.  3 Up-and-coming Austin Designers You Need To Know – I penned this article for Culture Map and now I’m sharing it with you! Be sure to share with your social media fam!