image of bed with bohemian print bed sheets and a large image of a hibiscus flower hovering over the bed.

Since moving into my new micro-apartment, I have been steadily working on furnishing and decorating my bedroom. My previous living arrangement left me without many options in the way of decorating. So I really wanted to make my new apartment my own. For me, that means an inviting bohemian feel, that’s soft and feminine but not too girly.

Check out the before…

a image of sakeenah's bedroom before her makeover

Headboard Alternatives


an image of sakeenah's bed from the right angle.

I decided against buying a headboard for my bed in favor of a more relaxed approach. I opted for a large image above my bed to add that heightened look. I’ve owned this hibiscus picture for over 5 years. This flower represents how I feel about myself “Queen of the flowers.”

Another replacement for a headboard is a beautiful hanging tapestry or crochet piece. I made this hanging wall art from recycled materials found at Austin Creative Reuse. It cost about $8 to buy the materials and took 2 days for me to tie the yarn onto the wooden rod. I was inspired by the Instagram account @little_loom. Julie, designs these incredible crocheted wall pieces that are so intricate. I wanted to create my own version with calming neutral colors.


an image of the wall art made of yarn that sakeenah designer herself. Also, in the center of the bed is a tray with breakfast and fresh flowers.a closeup image of the recycled yarn wall art sakeenah designed.

an image of the wall art in sakeenah's room

Creative Ways to Store

an image of the wine crate night stand that sakeenah designed

These up-cycled wine crate night stands were my first creation for my room. Learn how to make them yourself in this blog post. They are simple and completely functional. Or if DIY is not your thing, these eco friendly stackable boxes are very similar. I love the feng shui of having night stands. I’ve never used night stands before. In Feng Shui, they represent being open to love and companionship. As I like to be as sustainable and creative as possible, I wanted to think outside the box with my furniture pieces.

an image of the trunk that sakeenah bought at a yard sale

I bought this trunk for $5 dollars at a yard sale. I use it to store t-shirts and work out clothing. I love trunks because they have rustic feel. On top, I’ve laid my Alpaca scarf that I bought on a recent trip to Ecuador. It’s such a luxuriously soft item and it’s texture helps soften the look of anything it touches.

an image of the storage unit sakeenah up-cycled.This up-cycled storage piece is yet another yard sale find for $10. You can check out the before and after in this blog post. A little paint and some strategically placed stones go a long way.

The Details

an image of the hats that sakeenah hangs on her wall as art.

What better way to maximize your space than by making your fashion items apart of your decor? I only own three hats, and this is the perfect way to store them. Hang them on the wall!

an image of a luxury candle and a salt lampcloseup image of salt lamp and candle

I absolutely LOVE a candle that smells as luxurious as it looks. And this salt lamp just adds to the bohemian vibes! Salt lamps are supposed have many health benefits because they release negative ions into the air. Plus, they are all natural and serve as the perfect night light! I’ve linked some of my favorite luxury candles and affordable salt lamps below. TIP:  After burning the candle down, recycle the glass jar as a plant vase!

an image of the oil diffuser and flowers on sakeenah's night stand

No bedroom decor is complete without some greenery. Flowers and plants add life to your space. I feel like it not only brightens the room, but it also adds some positive energy. Plus, they look and smell great. You’ll begin to notice that I have numerous fragrance hot spots in my tiny bedroom. Fragrance transports me to another world. It truly sets the mood. I bought this wooden oil diffuser from the same yard sale I bought my trunk, $5.

an image of the flowers on sakeenah's night stand

On my side of the bed, I use a silver catch-all. It’s useful when I need a spot to place my pens or put my jewelry before I go to bed. Plus, it’s another nice sophisticated touch!

a close up image of sakeenah's breakfast traya close up image of the baby's breath flowers on the tray

I discovered this serving tray at the same yard sale that I found the storage unit that I up-cycled. It cost me $5 and the seller up-cycled it herself. She painted it white and added the fun paisley print tiles. I love it because I often eat breakfast in bed, or dinner, or snacks teehee! This keeps me from spilling drinks or food on my white quilted bed spread. A pretty and functional piece that adds substance to the room.

a closeup of the throw pillows on her bed

I stumbled upon this quilt set at a really discounted price so I had to snag it. It came with the two accented throw pillows as well! I went with a quilt rather than a full down comforter because it’s summer. And it gets HOT in Texas. In winter, I plan on getting something heavier and darker in color. I like my home to flow with the seasons. Recently, I came across sustainable brand Under the Canopy. They make stylish bedding and room decor with a bohemian vibe. This bed set is very similar to the one own, pictured above. And below are some of my favorite pieces from their line.

The Big Picture

an image of sakeenah's full bedroom

As you can see, I’m a fan of the more minimalist look. My apartment is really tiny, the size of a studio apartment. In order to maximize my space and make my room feel bigger I stick to the credo “less is more”. I carefully select tasteful pieces that have a more natural, bohemian vibe and steer away from too much clutter. Below, I’ve selected some of my favorite sustainable home decor items that I know you’ll adore just as much as I do!

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