Brand Spotlight

In an effort to provide more information on eco-fashion and the sustainable fashion movement, I will be regularly highlighting my favorite eco-fashion brands. From shoes, handbags, and apparel you will continue to find more sources of eco-fashion. And of course, I’ll include my own curated list of my top picks from the brands that I know you will love! My vision is to prove that eco fashion can be just as, if not more stylish than typical fast fashion. Ideally, the masses will flock towards brands that not only look great on the bodies, but are also having a significant impact on the social welfare of human beings all over the world and the environment. This is not a TREND. #THISISHAPPENING #POWERINTHEPOCKET

I will provide you with more fashion and beauty with a green thumb. I’m searching for brands that sustainably source their materials (cotton, leather, polyester, etc.). I’m searching for brands made in the U.S.A., I’m searching for brands that donate a percentage of their profits to a great cause and,  I’m searching for brands that up cycle their materials. Are you getting the gist of where I am going with this?  Most of all I’m looking for brands that are stylish! As with all subjects of controversy or heavy terminology, I encourage all my readers to do their own research as well. And see what they are up to! Links will be provided in all blog posts.

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To kick this thing off, I am highlighting the sneaker brand VEJA. Haven’t heard of them? Not surprising. VEJA does Zero advertising :::: gasp:::: and hold Zero back stock. This means that production is tightly controlled and orders must be placed six months in advance! This is all in an effort to reduce CO² emissions. Really guys, go check out their website. It provides extensive information on the production of their marvelous kicks!

VEJA Sneakers


ESPLAR Leather Velcro Mid Trainers// BAHIA ARCADE Laced Sneakers