Built to Last

There’s nothing we love more at Mybrownsparklez.com than things of quality. Case in point, these fashion pieces we discovered last year that are good as new this year. Fast fashion has a reputation for being cheap, replaceable, and worthless. But sustainable fashion brands are finding ways to incorporate quality craftsmanship at affordable price points. These timeless pieces are worth taking a second look. And if you see something you like, we encourage you to visit the brands website for more of their high quality fashion pieces.

These gorgeous dangling earrings from Jimani Collections gave us so much life back in 2016, and the love is still flowing. They are a Spring style go to.The blue and turquoise beads lend to the Spring feeling. And the brass is so easy to clean. We love how the color has not tarnished one bit. Though these dangles from last season are no longer for sale, you can still fall in love with the jewelry pieces from this sustainable brand. We adore the Jino Bone earrings, as well as the Mvua Glass Bead Drop earrings. Both are under $35 and we’re sure their style will last beyond any costume jewelry piece.


All of the pieces in Jimani Collections are handmade by women in Kenya. Jimani offers dependable employment, education, and mentorship to women in areas where there’s a lack of support for women. You can read more about Jimani Collections mission here.


Picnic items layed out on a blanket in the grass

Flip flops are a girl’s best friend on the beach in the summer or on a nice day at the park. Bella Ha is  shoe brand that’s creating sustainable flip flops that are not only durable (lasting you many summers to come) but are also stylish. And to top it off, proceeds from the sell of these shoes helps provide electricity to hospitals in small communities across the world. Imagine having to give birth without electricity. It could mean life threatening implications for the mother and the unborn child. You can read more about Bella Ha’s mission here.

Bella Ha puts the latitude and longitude of the country receiving a electricity on each pair of sandals.

We got our hands on the Caphe Sua Da Bronze sandals and have been loving them ever since. Their design is extremely durable and they come with a travel sack that makes toting them around a breeze.  We also love their East Sea Blue color, as it reminds us of a day on the beach. Durable, chic, and portable are the reason these belong in your spring/summer wardrobe.

As we discover more incredible sustainable brands, we are learning that they truly can sustain just about anything. When you find yourself having to replace fashion pieces less, you know you are on to something! We want to know your favorite sustainable fashion piece. Share with us in the comments section below!