We all have those casual days where all we want to wear are sweats, a t-shirt, and our Adidas slide sandals. For me, that day is usually Sunday. I dread putting any effort into my look on my lazy day. But, when I know I still have errands to run, I do have a few compromises that help me look stylish even when I’m feeling frumpy. I’ve learned my lesson after one too many run ins with people I know on days where I look like I just rolled out of bed (and probably still haven’t brushed my teeth). It’s the most embarrassing thing to have a conversation with someone when you know you look like crap. I almost want to preface the conversation with “please excuse my look, I don’t normally look like this!” But I don’t, I just own it LOL. And now that I’ve figured out the fine line between frumpy and stylish, I don’t have to feel guilty any more! Here’s how to pull off Lazy Day Fashion.

1. Go for comfort in solid tones.

I love a basic tee like this one from H&M. It’s simple and clean. And these super wide leg pants are my ultimate comfort piece. They are so baggy and I love them (even if they make me look like I have diaper booty). Black, White, and Grey are safe colors for your lazy day style. Use them at your will.

2. Match your nail polish to your outfit.

During the weekends, I take time to polish up (my nails that is). I love matching my nails to my outfits because it’s a small detail that goes unnoticed, if you don’t do it. But if you do, then it will stand out! I love this polish from , it’s free from harmful chemicals and dries fast.

3. Don’t be afraid to accessorize.

My outfit really came together from a simple hat, a structured bag, and a statement watch. I didn’t do my hair this day that’s why I wore a hat. But I look chic! The bag is my go-to because I can carry my life in it. And the watch is from Jord. It’s wooden and you can enter to win $100 off your very own.

4. Wear something funky.

I made these furry slip-on sandal a few month ago (watch my DIY video here). And I love wearing them with a simple outfit to add a funky touch. It shows that I didn’t try too hard to coordinate, plus they are just fun to wear!

5. Swag it out.

If you don’t own your style, no one will. You wear your style, don’t let your style wear you.

Here are some of my favorite lazy day style picks from H&M Conscious. What’s your lazy day go to outfit? Please share below.