Your home can be glamorous, luxurious, historic, commodious, and fun with environmental friendly interiors designs. Elegant and chic homes across the world are now incorporating green roofs gaining inspiration from geothermal energy employing solar panels throughout the year. Your home defines your personality and when it comes to the interior, it should be as beautiful as the outside of your home.

The contemporary interior design trends focus on designing environmentally friendly homes. You don’t need to invest in a designer to design a contemporary eco-friendly interior. All you need to do is to just consider these simple tips…

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Bright, naturally lit homes have always been admired. The new contemporary interior design trends look at ways beyond skylights and windows to maximize the light entering the house. High roofs with exposed beams are becoming very popular as they make even the smaller homes look more spacious. An open living with a high ceiling will create a bright airy feel. Naturally lit homes possess greater comfort and productivity. Exposed beams channel cool breezes, release stale air and harness natural light minimizing the need for air-conditioning and artificial lighting all through the day.


LED lighting is one amongst the top contemporary eco-friendly solutions to your interiors. The US Department of Energy has anticipated that the LED lights will account for up to 75% of lighting sales by 2030. So, we believe that the LED lights are here to stay.

Although the upfront installation cost of these lights is higher, in the long run, LED lighting offers other benefits like reducing energy bills by increasing energy efficiency. Ultimately, the energy savings in the long run definitely justifies the upfront installation expenses.


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When it comes to magnificent designs and eco-friendliness, wood has been a powerful tool for years. Flooring plays a vital role in the pursuit of an eco-friendly home that sustains in the global crisis. When floors are implemented the right way, they enhance the aesthetics as well as serve the multitude of green.

RECLAIMED WOODEN FLOORING: Reclaimed wood is what is harvested from old buildings like historic homes and barns. Wood in these structures is worn, weathered and full of character. Employing wood from old buildings is not just a great way to recycle wood but is also an exceptional way of recycling stories from the past. Reclaimed wood can also be employed in creating wonderful wall designs with the help of retired fishing boat wood and old barn shaped into tiles.

SOLID HARDWOOD FLOORS: Many interior designers choose hardwood flooring not just for its style and elegance but also because of it’s extensive environmental and health benefits. It has by far been the most popular choice because hardwood floors are durable and captivating along with being clean and easy maintenance.

Hardwood floors purify the air in the interior and are also carbon neutral.



Green interior designs have been increasingly gaining popularity over the last few years with innovative solutions like balcony gardens, window gardens, green roofs and indoor vertical gardens along with bringing the pots indoors.

Incorporating foliage in your interior will provide plenty of fresh air to breathe forging a healthy and a safe environment. A garden at your rooftop will act as natural insulation equipment reducing your HVAC and heating energy expenses. This results in increased energy conservation all around the year and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.


An eco-friendly home is incomplete without a good water conservation plan in place which entails contemporary environment-friendly fixtures in the kitchen or the bathroom. From faucet aerators to low-flow toilets and efficient showerheads to control the water pressure the possibilities are endless. While in the kitchen, ensure that you employ water efficient appliances like a smart washing machine and a dishwasher. You create an efficient household by coupling your water conservations with a stringent water usage policy.


Eco-friendly interiors are becoming more and more popular with homeowners across the world subject to their benefits in the long run ranging from monetary gain to preservation of the planet. In the contemporary world, green homes are no longer an option but a necessity. With the increase in the scarcity of natural resources like water and energy and global warming, homeowners across the world are turning to eco-friendly solutions to their interiors.

Over the last decade, interior designers and architects have welcomed more natural options and it doesn’t come as a surprise because sustainability is a thoughtful move to make profits while saving the planet!