The living room is usually the most formal part of a home, because it is the space you use to spend time as a family and to entertain guests. That is why it is very important to create a timeless and sophisticated design. A refined living room design is every homeowner’s dream, but creating an Architecture Digest-worthy décor lounge is not something that can be done without planning and careful insight into the rules of design and new trends. Here is how to transform a boring sitting room into a sophisticated family retreat and gathering place with just a few tweaks.

cosmopolitan living room with grey walls


Think About Your Canvas

All great living rooms start with a great color palette. When designing yours, first you need to think about the size of the space. Small rooms are not very convenient for dark tones, because they make them look claustrophobic. While, in larger spaces, you can use darker colors (even black) you should still be cautious, because you don’t want your lounge to be overwhelming. It is always best to start with a soothing neutral shades, such as beige, white and grey. If neutrals are not your cup of tea, consider other sophisticated tones like pastels or violet.

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Cosmopolitan Vibe| Living Room Design Ideas


Let Your Furniture Speak About Your Style

Just as your outfit often speaks who you are, your choice of furniture also speaks about your personality and the style you are trying to achieve. Look for rich upholstery, such as silk or velvet, but opt for a solid color since the very texture of the upholstery is rich. You can pair a solid sofa with striped or floral chair which can serve as an accent piece. Unify the design by adding throw pillows in the same design as the chair on the sofa. Hand-crafted furniture, like a carved wood coffee table, also sends a glamorous message.

Some Furniture Choices to Spark Your Imagination



Cosmopolitan Vibe| Living Room Design Ideas


Bring Coziness With a Rug

Doesn’t the whole room just feel naked when the floors are bare? This is especially true for living rooms which are meant to feel welcoming and warm. Floor rugs are made in all kinds of shapes, colors and designs, but if you are looking to create a sophisticated feel, you shouldn’t go with overly quirky designs. The perfect rug for such a lounge will add playfulness and warmth, without drawing all eyes down. Consider choosing between a rug that brings in texture (e.g. sheepskin) and a rug that brings in pattern (e.g. Persian).

Some Rugs Selections to Spark Your Imagination



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Let There Be Light

Furniture, rugs, colors… those are all pretty obvious design elements, but more often than not, the things we don’t instantly perceive make the biggest contributions to the overall style. The way you arrange your lighting, the color temperature of the bulbs you choose, and the types of lights you use (accent, task and ambiance) and how you use them pretty much determine the overall ambience of the room. The living room should have all three types of lighting, and some of them can be used as additional decorative elements (e.g. striking chandelier or modern pendant lamps).

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Cosmopolitan Vibe| Living Room Design Ideas


Create Contrasts

Although we often refer to the living room as the formal room, you are under no obligation to make everything look ideally equal. On the contrary, you should aspire to create surprising visual juxtapositions which will make the entire space more dynamic. Do this with different scale heights of the furniture (chairs and ottomans), and contrasting textures (wool and velvet) and shapes (sharp and round). Matte and shiny finishes joined together make an ideal marriage. You can also contrast the soft textures with strict architectural elements.

Contrasting Elemental Style Pieces to Inspire You


Cosmopolitan Vibe| Living Room Design Ideas


Reflection, Shine and Chic

Reflective surfaces can not only add up to the total elegance of some space, they can also make the given space feel larger, especially if you position them properly. A mirror placed opposite a window or a light source reflects light and doubles it, giving a more spacious feel. Besides using wall or floor-length mirrors, you can also create reflection with mirrored furniture which is one of the hottest trends for 2019. Mirrors are not the only things reflecting light and providing a touch of luxury. You can achieve a similar effect with metallic finishes. Consider using trendy warm metallics, like rose gold or copper, or go for a cool look of steel and silver.

Mirror Mirror on Your Wall



Cosmopolitan Vibe| Living Room Design Ideas


The Final Touch

What’s missing? Well, only a few accessories that would tie the whole look up. For example, you can choose artwork that brings all the colors in the room together. Accent pillows in contrasting colors or rich textures will enhance the sophisticated vibe. When choosing accessories, think about elegant materials like glass, copper, velvet, etc.

A sophisticated room that never goes out of fashion is a combination of carefully selected design elements that work well together. These hacks will help you create one for yourself.