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A couple weekends ago I went to the CraftHer event here in Austin, Texas. If you are not familiar with CraftHer, it’s a flea market of sorts where female business owners/makers can gather to sell their goods. Imagine if Etsy hosted an outdoor flea market with some of their best sellers and they were all women. That’s kind of how this event works. It was so fun to meet small female business owners, everyone from jewelry designers, fashion designer, beauty product makers, and more. This was a fun event and I was excited to have the opportunity to shop. One of my favorite finds were these fun pom-pom earrings made by Las Ofrendas.

Las Ofrendas pom pom earrings

These earrings caught my eyes because they are my favorite Fall burgundy color. Fun and bold, they are a statement piece. My style has become more simple and dare I say, basic. So in order to add that bit of edge to my look, I like to wear fun, bold accessories. It’s like my personal business card that screams, I’m not a square!

how to wear pom pom earringsYou can pull off the pom pom earring look by going for more classic styles like these pink ones from bauble bar. And even more feminine styles like this one from Vanessa Mooney are understated enough to wear to work. Below are the links to my outfit from Everlane and more pom pom earrings looks to adorn yourself in!

Shop the Look:

Pleated Skirt: Everlane

Striped Tee: Everlane


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