Austin’s fashion scene is alive a kicking thanks to Matt Swinney, the founder of Austin Fashion Week. Years ago I attended this incredible showcase which was held at the JW Marriott. This spring, I was honored to attend the festivities for two days, taking in new styles from fresh designers at the Emerge showcase. The following evening I was blessed to attend the Black Designer Showcase which included veteran designers and newcomers alike. Both nights were filled with great fashion, creativity, and amazing energy. 


I like working with denim, it’s got a  great sturdy yet soft feel. Growing up, I used to wear Levi’s 101 jeans throughout my high school years and even now with jackets. I love how the denim would fade after a while. It would look better and better. Sometimes I would cut them into shorts.
 I recently created a long duster made out of all of the extra denim jeans that I have not worn, including my husbands jeans. It was fun, creating it, and knowing that each single piece was used.
Liz Valadez

Deisgner , Native Twin

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Which sustainable fiber is your favorite to work with and why?


“Silk silk silk! It’s my most used fiber. It can come in SO many different weights and forms plus it’s uses are endless. You can use it outside a garment as fashion  fabric, inside a garment as a structure or stabilizer and a great quality of silk is its ability to withstand very hot temperatures which is great with all the steaming and ironing I do.” – Jessica Ponce, Designer of Ponce Gold (Sustainable Fashion Designer).

Spring and Summer fashion are in full swing, what are your style inspirations for the season?

“The collection to be shown in AFW is influenced by my invitation to Italy, Milan Fashion Week. My collections lately are never fully inspired by seasons. I can be inspired by any number of influences or experiences. A collection is created and then shown as a cross of ready to wear and avant garde collection.” Trisha Sherman, Designer of Fashion Disorder

How do you typically attract clients for your services?

” I have typically attracted clients through word-of-mouth. Since being a transplant three years ago from Los Angeles, I was involved in the burning man community . Every a year I was curating as well as participating in vending throughout the city of Los Angeles. Different venues would Host fundraisers for festivals, and would sell my pieces. I was also creating for dancers and music videos and that would attract attention too. Another way was thru social media.”Liz Valadez, Designer of Native Twin


Check out the highlights from the Black Deisgners Showcase Here.