diy protein hair mask

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Receding hairlines! Whose attention do I have now?

Guys, there is nothing wrong with protecting something that’s already dead, if we are talking about your hair. Hair masks are the answer to the costly maintenance of weak hair, but how do cosmetologists work with men who probably liken hair masks with the same faulty reputation face masks get?

Well, Hair Masks work for free. Basically – just like me.

DIY Protein Power Hair Mask

Photo courtesy of: Ryan Kirby


I kid. But, the trend to redefine the undercut and lengthy male hair (and, dear me, avoid gel) is forcing more and more men into the salon and out of the barber. I don’t think the undercut stands a chance to gluing your hair in place like it’s nineties nostalgia month.

This is what I do: the ultimate protein hair mask. And I cannot say I’ve felt any testosterone missing in the last three years of doing this.  

Oh, taking care of your hair means you have to cook, too!




Protein Power Hair Mask


1 part Soy Milk

½ or 1 avocado (the more, the smoother)

2 eggs (whites and yellows, now!)

2 parts Coconut Oil

1 part Argan Oil


Heat up the Coconut Oil and spoon in the soy milk; after that, work your eggs in. The temperature should not be too warm so as not to scramble the eggs. Breakfast on the brain? After whisking in the egg and Argan Oil, whisk (or mash-whisk, really) in the avocado. You now have a gross smelling and looking paste that is packed with essential amino acids and proteins that will fortify your hair from root to cuticle.

Spread this on your hair just like your hairdresser does when he/she rubs in your conditioner (ask your girlfriend for help if you need it). Then, sit and binge-watch something for thirty minutes (when your hair is not so damaged) to three hours (when your hair is not beyond repair, but looks that way).

protein power hair mask before and after

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Kirby


Depending on your hair, you can either wash it out with a paraben-free, sulfate-free, and dye-free shampoo (like this one from One N’ Only ) and conditioner or simply rinse. After washing off the mask is your hair, softer, easier to manage, and looking restored? There you go! You’ve cooked your first head of hair. The Protein Power Hair Mask will absorb into your hair and strengthen each strand, keeping your hair safe from wear-and-tear while you sport your style.

Investing in your hair is going to cost initially, so don’t skip out on good washing products. You can keep amazing styling products in the cabinet, but that means nothing for unruly hair caused by neglect. The Protein Power Hair Mask keeps your initial investment high only for products, coloring, and cuts, and even those costs go down in the future as your hair becomes stronger and better tailored for you.

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