Today’s post is a bit impromptu. You see, I was planning on featuring the newest member of the Skin Collective but something else stole the show, my armpits. Last month, I received a HUGE box of natural health and lifestyle products from the New Hope Blogger Network (I highly recommend checking them out if you are a eco-lifestyle blogger). And in that shipment, I received a box of Earth Mama Organics mini deodorants to test out. Naturally, I didn’t need 4 sticks of deodorants. So, I gave a couple to a co-worker who’s expecting a baby boy annnyyy day now.

Earth Mama Organics prides itself on making pregnancy and breastfeeding safe deodorants. Giving them away to my preganant co-worker just made sense. But, you don’t need to be pregnant to benefit from the deodorizing effects of this product. I was inspired to write today’s post mostly because I’ve worn the deodorant in a variety of odor inducing situations.

box of deodorants

It’s winter and Texas is actually experiencing a freezing winter this year. I’m loving it. We’ve had snow twice here in Austin, Texas. GASP! I know. Well, when it’s cold, we sweat less. But what happens when I get in a sweaty situation? Well, tonight I took a hot yoga class at Black Swan Yoga. It was a packed class, 60 people in a hot room, sweating. Me, sweating in every area you can imagine, while wearing a workout tank. Yummm. About halfway through the hour-long yoga class, I caught a whiff of what could only be described as B.O. Yep! The pits didn’t last through the class without barking. In the defense of Earth Mama, I had been wearing the deodorant since 8 AM and went straight through the day with no issues.

black woman in mirror

I’ve reviewed another natural deodorant brand on the blog and I like the Earth Mama brand a little better. It comes in a normal tube like your everyday Secret or Degree. And I absolutely love how the gingeraid scented deodorant smells like someone sprayed my armpits with Sprite. Yes, it smells that good. And I can almost hear it fizzing under my arms. Another great thing about the Earth Mama deodorant is that it’s 100% organic. No worries about putting any harmful chemicals on your skin.


If you have sensitive skin, this might be a good natural deodorant for you to try. I’ve been wearing this brand consistently for about 3 weeks. The only time I experienced any burning sensation was when I put it on after just having shaved my armpits. The mini deodorant 4-pack comes with mini tubes of deodorant in gingeraid, bright citrus, calming lavender, and non-scented and costs $15.99

So, was one of your New Year’s Resolutions to go more natural in 2018? Stay tuned for more great natural product reviews!