Most of us love to spend time in the fresh air, but we don’t always have the time or the energy to devote to tending to shoots and pruning bushes. If you’re looking to create a stunning garden that doesn’t require intensive maintenance, here are some dazzling design ideas to make gardening a breeze.

low maintenance turf grass


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Artificial grass

If the idea of mowing a lawn every week and trimming the edges to create a flawless aesthetic doesn’t appeal to you, have you thought about swapping grass for an artificial lawn? Artificial grass is incredibly easy to keep, it doesn’t require any TLC, and it looks great all year-round. There’s also fantastic news for hayfever sufferers. As the vast majority of people who have hay fever experience symptoms as a result of an allergy to grass pollen, replacing a traditional lawn can put pay to sneezing, runny noses and itchy eyes. If you’re weighing up the options, think about hay fever vs artificial grass. Which would you rather have? Another benefit of a faux lawn is versatility. You can create a garden that matches your vision by selecting the size of the plot you want to blanket in green.

low maintenance decking


Gravel and paving

If you’re not keen on a conventional lawn, and the idea of artificial turf doesn’t fill you with excitement, have you thought about opting for a yard that is tiled, paved or covered in decking or gravel? You don’t have to have a lush mini meadow in your garden just because it’s the common style. If you’d rather opt for low-maintenance, you can create a fabulous area using a range of materials that require very little care and attention. You can use different types of stone or add mezzanine levels or decked areas to section off distinctive parts and add color with plants, flowers, and accessories like lanterns, string lights, floor cushions, and planters.

low maintenance succulents


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If you love to look at plants, but you don’t have the time or the inclination to spend your weekends watering and weeding, adding a rockery to your garden is a fantastic idea. Rockeries are very easy to keep, and they create a beautiful focal point. Many rockery plants like shade, so you can often use redundant areas of the garden, for example, the back corners, to make your new statement feature. Select shrubs that are hardy and robust, and position stones in a way that suits your taste. You might prefer a more uniform look, or you may favor a more overgrown and unkempt aesthetic. Look for inspiration online, flick through some gardening magazines and try a few different looks before you make a decision.

Gardening is a hobby that is loved by many, but it’s not everyone’s idea of fun. If you want the aesthetics without the hard labour, there are multiple ways you can create a beautiful, low-maintenance garden. Think about whether or not you want a lawn, consider artificial grass, paving and decking, and add a striking focal point with a rockery.