September 15, 2016 I was introduced to Eleve cosmetics (sorry Gertie for the life of me I can’t figure out how to put the accent on the e) and founder Gertie Wilson. Valentine’s boutique in Austin, Texas hosted the event providing guests with complementary wine as we shopped, mingled, and received mini makeovers with the mineral based make-up line.


“The vegan-based beauty line is formulated with antioxidants, peptides and active anti-aging ingredients to stimulate collagen production, improve elasticity and work as an extension of skincare.”

This line is practically 100% vegan with the only animal based product being beesswax. You’ll love the lip DYE that is practically everlasting! This stain goes on and won’t come off, your coffee mug will thank you!

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I was treated to a mini makeover by MUA Karen Powanda of Kiss N’ Makeup (photo’ed with me above). I love the Lip DYE it lasted the remainder of the day and into the next. And I also really like the luminizer. It adds a touch of shimmer and glow to my skin without being too obvious.

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