When it comes to having a good week, there are lots of things to think about. If you have an emphasis on your mind and body, then you will want to include a range of activities such as good meals, your favorite treats, exercise, rest, socializing, etc. All of these will add up to improving your mental well-being and your physical health. But it can often seem overwhelming when you have a lot of things to fit in, especially when you have work and other commitments that take up a lot of your time. That’s where planning can come into play. When you make a plan for your week, you can block out time so you know how much you have for yourself to utilize. It can also limit procrastination and decision-making, which can waste a lot of time during the week. 

To help you on your journey, here are some top tips on how to plan a good week.

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Plan and prepare your meals 

When you think ahead of time about what meals and snacks you would like for the week, you will find you save a lot of time and effort. You can plan meals that will provide you with fuel for your workouts and work week, support your mental health, and provide you with all the vital vitamins and nutrients you need to be your best self. This should include lots of whole foods, fruits and vegetables. You should also include snacks and treats that you like to enjoy during the week, so you have them on hand and ready to go. Why not try this Oreo truffles recipe from PreppyKitchen? Planning your meals will also help you to reduce wasted food and limit plastic use, making your week much more eco-friendly.

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Block out time for your workouts 

Working out is vital for both your mental health and physical health. You might find that you never have time to work out, or you can’t stick to working out very well. This is why it is important to block out time for your workouts, and even prepare your clothes and equipment the night before. You can get up a little earlier each morning, and conduct bodyweight exercises in your bedroom or front room, or you can head to the gym on your way to work. Try to incorporate it into a routine that you have.


Prioritize self-care and socializing

Food and workouts are important, but so are self-care and socialization. These are great things to do to help you unwind from your workday and recover from your workouts. It is also essential as a human being, as humans are social creatures, but also need rest and recovery. Without these important aspects planned into your week, you will find that something is missing. Make time on the weekend or after work in the evenings to do at least a small self-care activity, perhaps yoga. You should also add into your plan time for friends. 


Planning in these important aspects can help you plan for a good week. Follow these top tips to help you get started.