Recently, I went on a date with a writer whom I divulged my love for ethical fashion.  He agreed about the importance but was not impressed with the style of most ethical brands. Our conversation reminded me of why I blog about ethical fashion in the way that I do. It’s important to not sacrifice style while making more conscious choices. Elegance and ethical fashion wouldn’t normally make its way into the same sentence, but I think this is the next step for ethical brands. Merging the earth friendly fabrics with stylish designs that all women would love. But until that happens, here’s how to dress ethically with elegance.

black woman wearing elegant white dress with red headband

Thrift Your Way There

It’s not secret that thrift shopping is my preferred method of sustainable fashion consumption. While some still think second hand clothing isn’t really ethical, I beg to disagree. Not only is nearly 85% of my closet second hand, but by purchasing second hand and selling my old clothes I’m contributing to a society of recycling rather than waste.

If you are shopping for more elegant pieces, I highly recommend shopping at online stores such as Poshmark where you can shop and place bids on name brands such as Michael Kors, Chanel, Reformation, and Louis Vuitton as well as lower end items. Yard sales and shopping at your local Goodwill are also good places to find hidden gently used gems.

black woman wearing a red head scarf elegant style

Photographed wearing the Wavy Journey Diamond Earrings from Anjolee

Invest in High Value Jewelry Pieces

Years ago I would spend so much money on cheap Forever 21 jewelry pieces that would tarnish in weeks. And consequently, I had to throw them out in favor of shiny new cheap jewelry. I now know better. Investing in high quality jewelry pieces like these Wavy Journey Diamond Earrings from Anjolee. Diamond earrings are a girls best friend and will never go out of style. Anjolee is a wonderful website that allows you to design your own jewelry pieces from selecting metal type, diamond size, diamond/gemstone quality, and length/size its truly a unique experience. You can design diamond earrings like the ones I am wearing, engagement and wedding rings, bracelets, and each come in a variety of different styles. Besides the final product being absolutely gorgeous, the packaging is just as regal. When my package arrived I knew I had entered into the big leagues of jewelry pieces.

Investing in high value jewelry pieces will help you build a collection of pieces that can be gifted and passed down for generations to come. And did I mention this is a wonderful Mother’s Day gift idea? Another tip before moving on, high value jewelry pieces should stand alone. Wear one statement piece and keep everything else to a minimum.


black woman wearing elegant dress with blue shawl

Use Old School Glamour Tricks

Imagine driving down the street in a red convertible with your scarf wrapped around your head while wearing oversized shades. Your pout is perfection in a deep red lip color, and your winged liner is giving Cleopatra a run for her money. Fifty years ago, women really knew how to use the power of their feminine beauty to stun and charm. I say its time to bring that glamour back.

black woman wearing an elegant head scarf

Lipcolor: L’oreal Exclusive Lipstick in Liya’s Red | Earrings : Anjolee

Tie a bright colored scarf around your head as an impromptu head band. Or use that oversized scarf as a shawl. It’s all about adding color, texture, and a touch of elegance to anything that you wear. Refuse to wear flat shoes. And own your feminine grace. Study the looks of Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Dorothy Dandridge, all elegant women with feminine charm and glamour by the boat load.

Let’s face it. We’ve got a long road ahead of us before ethical fashion becomes just “fashion”. And when the day comes that Reformation isn’t the only ethical fashion brand creating feminine women’s clothing. I will be a happy woman. But, until then, I’ll avoid the the potato sack clothing and Birkenstocks and use my creativity to get stylish. How do you feel about the style factor of ethical fashion? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comments section.