The suns finally coming out and that means it time to pull out the shades. I’m a lover of funky eye-wear, but it can sometimes be hard to figure out which shades look best for my heart shaped face. I usually try on three to four different pair before settling on a look that fits me. So, to help you and myself out, I had some fun with my magazines. I found the most common face shapes and paired them with some popular frames designs. I present to you the perfect shades for every face shape.


Diamond Shape

The diamond shaped face has a defined pointy chin and a sharp jaw line that extends near the mid-point of the face. If you have a diamond shaped face, you look best in the classic Ray-Ban shape and cat eye frames.


 Square Shape

This face type is characterized by a highly defined and structured jaw. Unlike the diamond shape face, the angles formed by the jaw line do not rise high in to the cheekbones. Hair line tends to be square in shape as well. This face type looks great in round frames.

Round Face

The round face shape is characterized by round cheeks, a short chin and a wide forehead. This face shape looks great with aviator style shades and square frames.

Oval Face

The oval face like the round face is characterized by full cheeks. It differs because the face is more oblong. This shape looks great with big square frames.

There is no formula to looking good in shades. Sometimes you have to try on a lot of pairs to find that one that suits you best. Whenever you feel confident in them, you know you’ve found the one! Happy hunting!