Every season we are bombarded with a new trend that we have to go out and buy now. And I am always shocked by how many people do it! The newest is the lace front tops. Everywhere I go, a girl is wearing this trend. Over the summer everything was all about off the shoulder tops. And if you know anything about me, it’s that I hate looking like everyone else. I overheard a woman talking about how she bought an off the shoulder top to go to a party and when she arrived almost every other woman had on the same style. How awkward! I mean I’d die if I showed up and was dressed the same as everyone else (unintentionally). If there is one thing I can promise you its that I won’t regurgitate what all the magazines and other bloggers are putting out. It’s redundant and boring. And who wants to look like everyone else anyways? I certainly do not!

Let me get off of my rant. I want to help you save some money this Fall season by sharing the 5 trends to recycle from last fall! I have boots, heels, and fur (faux) that I barely wore last year and are still just as cute this year. Read below to see what trends are still as good as new!


Ankle Booties

These babies are a Fall go-to. They are especially great if you aren’t fond of this year’s boot trend-the over the knee (OTK) boot. Even though I could really use some OTK boots (I busted my knees in a bad fall this past weekend). I’m going to pass on this trend and stick to what I’ve got!


The Faux Fur Vest




One of the best items I thrifted last year and I never wore it out once. Yes, I love this vest it is so stylish, but I am a tiny bit embarrassed to wear it out in public. I feel like I should have a teacup sized dog and a latte in my hand to complete the look.This year I’ll be cinching it in at the waist. I found this style hack via instagram, though at the moment I can’t which account posted it. If I come across it in the future, I’ll be sure to link it here! Also, here’s a fun and easy style hack for the belted fur vest via cait + create I hope you like!


Faux Leather Leggings



I love my leather leggings because they make any outfit look instantly chic. If I am wearing a sweater I simply put on the leggings and suddenly I become Victoria Beckham. These are a fashion staple. Hold on to them with your life.

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Mules were big last year and they are just as hot this year. In fact, I don’t think this trend caught it’s full momentum. Fingers crossed for this year because I am really diggin’ my Calvin Klein’s.