I’m super excited to announce to you guys a super fun collaboration with fellow Austin, Texas blogger Sydney Torabi. She’s an ultra fit group fitness instructor (take one of her fitness classes at Crush fitness). I wanted to team up with someone who could help motivate me to get back into my own fitness regime. So, we are doing a month long Fit Body Reboot across both of our blogs and social channels. And I am super excited about it! My goal during this month long restorative journey is to 1. Increase my motivation to stay fit, 2. Learn to love myself more, and 3. Learn to live and let live. Life can get stressful, and fitness is one way to manage the stress.

*Be sure to visit Sydney Torabi over at www.spinsyddy.com for amazing fitness tips and my favorite, reviews of fitness classes all over Austin, Texas!

Delicious (and healthy) Mediterranean Mezze Bowl from Snap Kitchen

What to Expect

Each week, we’ll be focusing on ONE fit body factor.

This week, we’ll both share our take on what it takes to prepare your body for a fit lifestyle. Thing to do before you hit the ground running (literally). Think healthy meal options and great motivational tips!

Week 2  We’ll feature some of our favorite workouts to stay fit and toned. Bikini season is right around the corner!

Week 3 Is all about the recovery. Whether you are recovering from an intense weight lifting session or a stressful work week, recovery is the key to preparing for the next mountain ahead!

Week 4, we get to have fun and show off the result of our hard work!

I hope that each of my followers and readers get a glimpse into how #real women stay healthy and in shape! Fitness should be fun, exciting, and something that gets you through each day. When I’m on a consistent fitness regime, I’m allowed to enjoy my food a little bit more ( I LOVE to eat!), I have so much more energy, and I feel so much better in my skin. At the end of the day, you want to feel good on the inside and out. I invite you to join Sydney and myself as we embark on an ass-kicking month of food, fitness, and F-U-N! Are you in?

Follow us both on Instagram @mybrownsparklez and @spinsyddy as we will both be sharing some fun IG stories and images from our weeks. You can also look for us by searching #fitbodyreboot.  Looking forward to sharing this ride with you guys. Please drop me some comments, I want to know what you are doing to stay fit!