*This is a sponsored post detailing my recent experience trying out the Google Pixel phone.


Verizon wireless is a pretty awesome company when it comes to providing unique experiences to it’s customers. A few years back, I won BBQ for two at one of Austin’s hottest BBQ joints Franklin’s (line around the block for this place). Verizon gifted a few lucky people with this unique BBQ experience during SXSW and it was so much fun! I will never forget that. This past March they reached out to me to see if I’d like to test drive the Google Pixel during SXSW 2017. And of course I said YES! The Google Pixel is a remarkably easy to use smart phone equipped with special feature such as a digital assistant, an amazing camera (highest rated ever), and a AMOLED screen which looks 10X better than my I-phone 6 (but in it’s defense, my phone is very dated).

An image captured on the Google Pixel

What really stood out to me was the amazing camera. The sharpness of the images and the screen made viewing the images and even better experience because everything was crystal clear. During SXSW 2017 I was constantly doing fun Instagram videos because I loved the camera so much. The screen is quite large and the entire design of the phone is very similar to the newest version of the I-phone (not to make comparisons). The I-phone is the only phone I’ve known for the past 6 years.

Some things that I didn’t like were the emojis, the lack of photo taking capabilities from the side button, and the unfamiliar navigation. I love the emojis that I-phone provides, and I also love the GIFS that are built in to text messages. It makes my digital communication experience so much more fun. Though the Google Pixel has emojis, they aren’t nearly as cool. Also, I love that I can take selfies from the side button on my I-Phone. With the Google Pixel, this isn’t the case.

Life style flat lay with the Google Pixel.

Overall I loved my experience with the phone and frequently went between both my I-phone and the Google Pixel. I found that I love using the I-phone for certain tasks and the Pixel for others. Now, if they can just find a way to blend the two. Hmmm….


Once again, Thank you Verizon for another amazing SXSW experience.