Noticed the rise in price of avocados lately? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Recently workers in Mexico went on strike to protest the low cost of the fruit in the U.S. Strikers aimed to raise not only the price of imported avocados to the U.S., but also their low wages (Good for them!). Yes, your avocado toast obsession is supported on the backs of underpaid workers. and they are fed up. To give you a bit of perspective on how this is affecting the U.S. (poor Taquerias and Chipotle), “about 40 million pounds of avocados are transported from Mexico to the U.S. per week, but just two weeks ago only about 13 million pounds of the fruit arrived” reports NBC 7. 


I personally experienced the pain of the price change while grocery shopping last week. I noticed the small Haas avocados that I buy for 2-3 for a dollar were no where to be found and they were replaced by these not yet ripe eighty-nine cents variety. I lived ad so did my budget. But that was my first encounter with the issue. Later the next week I heard co-workers discussing how the problem would affect all of the restaurants owned by the company I work for. But don’t worry, prices are expected to go down as normal production and shipment has resumed (I’m guessing strikes are over). I haven’t seen much media on the state of the workers. I am interested in knowing if they received a raise. My avocado obsession is not more important than human rights. I’m sure we’ll all live without avocados. But in the coming years, the biggest issue just might be climate change. So all you avocado aficionados, get ready because the end might be very near.


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