I don’t know about you, but my body needs to transition from Winter to Spring. Winter forces us to slow down, bundle up, and fatten up for colder times. Comfort food is my guilty pleasure during the winter. It’s also nearly unavoidable during the holidays. Let’s face it, humans love to bond over food. It’s a common connector and a basic human need. Nevertheless let’s talk about how I de-winterize my body in preparation for warmer months.

*This post is sponsored by Naked Nutrition.

black girl drinking a protein shake

Grams of protein per serving

This January, I kicked off the new year with two fasts. During the first week, I didn’t eat after 6 AM and could not eat solid food until after 5 PM. This helped shake up my metabolism and gear up for my no-spend month (more on that in an upcoming YouTube video). During the final week of the month, I did a 3-day liquid fast consisting of mainly green juices and protein shakes and eased back into eating with a 3-day raw food diet immediately after. This helped to encourage my body to use up the stored energy reserves from all excess food I’d been eating. 


girl holding protein shake
creamy protein shake

Now, I’m maintaining a healthy balanced diet while including my fave workouts like pilates and yoga. A key component to avoiding excess calories is substituting desserts with healthy alternatives. A delicious protein shake like the Chocolate Peanut Butter Naked Whey from Naked Nutrition always does the trick. They sent me their newest flavor Chocolate Peanut Butter to try. You might remember when I introduced you to their Pumpkin Spice flavor in this previous post. I love blending their protein powders with frozen bananas and almond milk for a creamy treat that satiates my chocolate craving.

What I like about this protein powder is that it doesn’t have a lot of additives. It’s mildly sweet with no artificial sweeteners and this blend came out so creamy and fluffy. The protein content is high with 25 g per serving. Not only does the protein help me maintain my muscle tone, but it also helps satiate my hunger.

black girl drinking protein shaked

Finally, I prep for warmer months by showing my skin some extra TLC. Sloughing off old skin using body scrubs and exfoliators like this powerful Alpha Hydroxy Acid body serum from REN skin care to help fade dark spots from hyperpigmentation. Just be sure to wear sun protection when using AHA as it makes your skin more sensitive to sun light which can cause dark spots to become darker as I learned the hard way (see image below of my gnarly tan lines).

black woman's leg with weird sun tan lines

I’m looking forward to some beautiful spring days ahead and I hope you glow with confidence from the inside out. 

Naked Nutrition was founded by a former cross country all-American athlete Stephen Zieminski desired to create a health product that didn’t contain harmful or non-nutritive chemicals and substances after noticing the deficit in the market. Stephen’s vision included creating products with no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and no mixing agents, and thus Naked Nutrition was born.