If you have been following me on Instagram @Mybrownsparklez (and by now why aren’t you?) you would have seen that I declared August, Level Up Your Skin Care Month. In 2012, I started my blog on the premise of discovering and reviewing products that would help me with my skin issues. My blog has evolved into a full lifestyle website but there’s still a heavy emphasis on skin care (particularly clean beauty products). My hope is to share my journey with you in order to aid you on your own journey and save you money in the long run. In this two-part post, I’m sharing the procedures, products, and habits that have helped me heal and renew my skin.

black woman

When I began my blog six years ago, no one could have convinced me to go out in public without makeup. I had severe scarring on my chin and neck from hair and pimples that had plagued me since I was a teenager. While makeup masked the issue ‘ok’, I still felt self-conscious, especially in natural lighting. Needless to say, it put a big dent in my self-esteem.

photos of skin

acne scarring

I used numerous products that I’ve written about in popular posts. But I learned that I had to tackle the root of the problem otherwise the dark spots would eventually come back. While occasional pimples do cause scarring, my real issue was hairs. I tweezed those hairs and they resulted in dark marks. And shaving the hairs only promoted ingrown hairs which would also cause dark spots.

acne scars

February 2015

After doing some research on more permanent solutions for hair removal, I discovered that laser hair removal was the most efficient way to get rid of the hair permanently. I hesitated for years to take the plunge into laser because I’d read many horror stories from African American women who had adverse effects from laser treatments. If you are a woman of color, the ND: YAG laser is the laser type you should look for when considering getting laser treatments. Other lasers will create scars on your skin due to the fact that you have more melanin in your skin. Laser treatments work solely because the lasers are attracted to the pigment in dark hairs.

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In the Spring of 2017, I decided to invest in the laser treatments. I purchased a package deal from Simplicity Laser and the rest is history. I’ve been going to Simplicity once a month for 5-minute laser treatments since last spring. Immediately I saw significant results.

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There are some downsides to laser hair removal that I’ll go into in a later blog post. But, overall, I am very satisfied with the value of the treatments. Next week, I’ll get into the products I’m now using to fade the lingering scars. And the skin care habits that I’ve adopted since receiving the treatments.