Ok, guys, as promised, I’m going to break down how I leveled up my skin care by using incredible products. In part one of this two-part series, I went into the cause of my skin issues and how I have put a stop to the BIG issue. Read part one here.

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Way back in 2012, I was writing about my favorite skin peels and exfoliants that promised to lighten dark marks. And while I had success with a few of the products, my results were often reversed due to my ongoing facial hair problems and the resulting dark marks they created. I still stand by a few of these products as they are a great way to get an at-home facial peel without the high spa costs.

Also: The Products That Didn’t Work

The Peel

I’ve been a huge fan of Dr. Dennis Gross’s Alpha Beta peel for numerous reasons. This peel is mild enough to use weekly and helps to fade skin discoloration. You can purchase a large set for about $88 or you can get the smaller pack of 5 for $17. These wipes come in two steps and are gentle enough to use daily. I would use one once a week.

The Skin System

In 2015 I had the opportunity to try out the Jan Marini Skin Care system. Jan Marini is an award-winning skincare brand and I was really excited to get the opportunity to try out her brand. Sadly, this was prior to my laser hair removal. So any results I had were quickly diminished. You can read about my first experiences using the brand here.

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Jan’s 5 step system is designed to help rejuvenate skin by using active ingredients such as Hylaruonic acid (which helps plump skin) and fight aging. In an interview I did with Jan Marini back in Winter of last year, Jan educated me on the main causes of hyperpigmentation. She also sent me some of my favorite products to try again for a second round. Jan prides herself on using skin care products that are backed by science. She even has a peer-reviewed study that shows that her Luminate Face Lotion is more effective than Hydroquinone at reducing the appearance of dark marks.

Here’s how I use the products:

In the morning or before putting on makeup I use the C-Esta Face Serum – Oil Control ( Step 2 of the system)because I have naturally oily skin. This vitamin and antioxidant complex is designed to protect the skin from free-radicals and help control oil production. There’s a C-Esta serum for normal skin as well. Read more about this product here.

Afterward, I’ll moisturize my skin using Step 3 of the system, the Marini Luminate Face Lotion. This face lotion is designed to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles and reduce the appearance of skin discoloration without the use of harmful skin lightening chemical hydroquinone. Read more about this product here.

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At night after I’ve removed my makeup (I’m loving these cleansing cloths from Kaia Naturals) I’ll use the Hyla 3D Complex before applying the Transformation Face Serum. Read about Hyla 3D and the Transformation Face Serum here and here.

The Products I Use:

This is where I currently am in my skin journey. I knew it wouldn’t be worth investing in an expensive skin care system such as this one if I didn’t fix the cause of my dark spots. With my face free of hairs, I’ve seen a tremendous decrease in the dark marks. I’m hoping the Jan Marini System will help me fade what is left of them. It’s been one month of consistent use and hopefully, by the end of September, I’ll have an update for you guys.