Eyes are the window to the soul and lashes are like adding beautiful curtains to those windows. False eyelashes and lash extensions have become common place in the beauty world. What was once reserved for special occasions, is now worn daily. In this article, you will learn how to apply and wear flash eyelashes. *This article contains affiliate links. I receive a small commission on sales and clicks on these affiliate links. 


A pair of False Eyelashes – I highly recommend a natural style from my collection.

A pair of tweezers

Lash Glue

Q-tip (optional)

Magnetic Mirror (optional)



woman natural lashes

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  1. The first step to applying your lashes is to carefully remove them from the package using tweezers.
  2. Decide if you need to trim the lashes to fit your eye.
  3. Carefully cut lashes to fit the eye.
  4. Gently apply a thin layer of lash glue.
  5. Allow glue to sit for a few seconds before applying.
  6. Begin applying the lash strip to the outer edge of your eye staying close to the lash line.
  7. Use tweezers to reposition the lashes in the arch that you like.
  8. Move quickly as the glue will begin to dry.
  9. Once lashes are in place, let them sit for about 2-3 minutes. 
  10. You may need to hold the lashes down with your tweezers if they keep popping up.


Applying eyelashes is like an art, that is why I’ve created this video Exclusively for my blog readers and subscribers. Click the image below to start the video tutorial.

 Eyelash Starter Kit Essentials


As with learning anything new, practice makes perfect. I highly recommend setting aside 30 minutes to an hour to practice the techniques in my video and you will be applying your lashes effortlessly in no time.