I’m declaring 2018 my YEAR of THRIFT. I have successfully upgraded my wardrobe with a series of new ‘like’ new additions all from second-hand sources. One thing that often worries people when thrift shopping is looking dated and old. Well, I’m here to prove to you that you don’t have to sacrifice style when you thrift. In fact, you can successfully update your wardrobe with 100% thrift finds. This post is all about how to dress on trend with second-hand clothing. I’ll share my secrets to selecting timeless pieces and where to shop for the best quality used clothing.




Only 1% of clothing is recycled. What are we doing?

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Trends Come and Go But Style is Timeless

Even though the topic of the day is trends, let’s focus in on what really matters, style. Great style will take you from year to year, season to season, and decade to decade. Like good furniture, style is timeless and can be paired with trends for a reboot. You can instantly be on trend by selecting a timeless piece, and working in trends to compliment the piece. In this photo, I am wearing a leopard print shift dress that I purchased from Buffalo Exchange, lace-up heels, and pom pom earrings.

Shift dresses will forever be timeless. And the accessories are on trend.

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Prints and Colors Matter

One of the easiest ways to dress on trend is to incorporate seasonal colors into your wardrobe. If you’ve been following the fashion trends for the past year, you may have noticed that burgundy is hot hot hot EVERY fall and winter. I think its safe to say that burgundy will be hot again next fall.

Animal prints tend to make a comeback during the colder months as well. With exception of the safari styles that tend to make their way onto the racks of all the stores during the summer.

In this photo, I have incorporated both trends into one outfit.

woman in red sweater

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Get Fuzzy With It

Another fun trend that seems to make its way around every year in some form is fuzzy and furry accessories. Last year, stilettos and sneakers featured fuzzy pom poms. And do you remember the fuzzy pom pom keychains that the Kardashian’s made popular?

Furry fashion is perfect for the fall and winter months but it can be tricky to wear year round. The trick to pulling off this look (and finding it at your local thrift store) is wearing the trend in your own way. In this look, I’m wearing oversized pom pom earrings and a furry sweater from Zara (both in the on-trend burgundy color). The earrings are exaggerated enough to double as edgy. And both the pieces are burgundy making them doubly as stylish.

Similar Sweaters below:

Identical Zara Sweater/ Size Large / $34 

Zara Cropped Furry Sweater / Size Small/ $15

Zara Crushed Velvet Sweater / Size Small / $45

Similar Earrings Below:

Almost identical Burgundy Drop Pom Pom earrings / $19

Multi – colored Pom Pom earring set / $13

Leopard Print Pom Pom earrings / $20

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Know Where to Shop

Second-hand clothing is NOT created the same. There are so many places to purchase gently used clothing and each store has its own vibe and clientele. I’ve been thrift shopping since I was a teenager so I’ve had time to discover which stores are best for what.

Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other Donation Based Stores are great for extra cheap clothes. You will need to dig hard to find stylish pieces. Often, the clothes are faded and well worn, but you can occasionally find hidden gems, keyword hidden. You are going to need ample time to find trendy pieces at these stores.

Buffalo Exchange and Platos Closet are on par as far as the quality of the clothing goes. Buffalo tends to have a more eclectic vibe and you can find funky one of a kind pieces at these stores. I often find brands such as Top Shop, Gap, Express, and other popular brands at Buffalo Exchange. Plato’s closet is more suburbia in the types of clothing they sell. You’ll find Forever 21, Old Navy, and Charlotte Russe heavily in this store

Poshmark and ThredUP are relatively new thrift store concepts. Both are web-based and allow people from all over the country to sell their new and gently worn clothes online. You will find clothes of all types on these websites. Luxury pieces ranging in the $100’s of dollars and lower cost items under $20. It’s great for finding quality pieces. I purchased my Zara sweater from PoshMark and I’m currently waiting on the shipment of two winter peacoats I recently purchased from PoshMark sellers. You will find the trendiest pieces here because people are constantly selling new and used clothes.

As you can see, second-hand clothing can be and is still as stylish and on trend as new styles. Shopping second hand is a great way to save money and to lighten your environmental footprint. I hope this post inspires you to give thrift shopping a try!