It really excites me that there is a continuous flow of more sustainable brands, products, bloggers, and influencers that are championing the cause. More brands are building sustainable fashion lines, the latest being Zara, to compliment their fast fashion lines and to cater to the growing need for better more conscious products. The future is finally arriving. In 2017 expect to see other major retailers jumping on the band wagon.

I know you are wondering how to switch over to being a more conscious consumer. What’s affordable, what should you get rid of first and how do you build this dream wardrobe with out spending thousands of dollars? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back! As my blog has evolved, I have built amazing relationships with great companies that want you to wear their clothes. Also, I’ve discovered the most stylish threads that are not only sustainable but affordable. Read on for great brands to start slowly stocking your closet with!

Start Small!

Let us start where everything fashion begins. The pieces that touch you most intimately, your underwear, stockings, bras, and socks. This a great place to start because these pieces are necessities. When upgrading your wardrobe, its always best to start with your must have pieces.



Swedish stockings are a zero waste company committed to making great stockings/leggings that are stylish and environmentally friendly. Most stockings are made from petroleum based nylon. Swedish stockings uses recycled materials for all of their super sexy stockings. And even better you can get 15% off your purchase when use code : Mybrownsparklez


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Another great brand I recently discovered, Lara intimates makes ethically made undergarments. The brand will be launching in 2017 so be on the lookout!


*Rocking the 70’s inspired pants from H&M Conscious

Major retailers H&M and Zara are implementing eco-friendly fashion lines too! The growing demand has finally caught up with mainstream fashion. And retailers are taking notice! Check out these eco-friendly/sustainable options from H&M, Zara, and ASOS!

Bella Ha Shoes in Caphe Sua Da Bronze

*Shoes purchased from Bella Ha help provide electricity to remote hospitals in countries all over the globe.

From your head to your toes there is an eco-friendly brand for every style of fashion. I really like Bella Ha for their simple summer thongs. And Veja makes the most stylish trainers that can compete with your everyday Adidas.

Check out The Good Trade’s list of Eco-Friendly Clothing to discover more brands.  I highly recommend searching Instagram with hashtags #ethicalfashion #greenclothing #sustainability #ethical. These are just a few terms that I use to find new brands. I do this a few times per month and you won’t believe how many amazing brands I find!

Remember it’s really the thought that counts. We live in a society where we can purchase anything at the drop of a dime. We have so much accessibility! The most important thing I can inspire a person to do is think before they buy. And after a while, it becomes a habit. There is so much power in our everyday spending habits.