With the shift towards remote and hybrid working, transforming the way that we work each day, it’s important that we are making our home offices as safe as our external offices would have been. When you work for somebody else, you expect them to keep your information and your items safe in the office when you’re working for yourself or when you are the business owner. It’s imperative to make sure that everybody is safe.

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We’re not talking about security measures such as locked doors, although those are very important, but we’re talking about your electronic documentation and your online data. You might know that e-waste recycling is something that you need to invest in if you want to make sure that your documents are purged from your systems properly. But you also need to know how to keep your documentation and data safe when you have a Home Office that anybody could access. Safeguarding your clients and your information is important, so we’ve put together a few tips to help you to keep your Home Office as secure as possible.

  • Keep your devices secure. When you’re working from home, you need to have somewhere secure to work, but you also need to make sure that all of your devices are password protected. It’s not just hackers you have to worry about, but the kids in the house or anybody else in the house, such as roommates getting into your devices. From the PC to the printer, you want to ensure that everything is password protected and covered with antivirus so that you can ensure that your personal or work data is not stolen.
  • Upgrade your current security protection. Keeping all your devices protected is much easier if you upgrade your antivirus software. Most security software providers can offer you solutions that will cover a whole range of devices in your house, so you don’t have to just cover your laptop. The pandemic has meant that most people are now working from home, so these products have since been updated to be more inclusive and to be stronger.
  • Make sure that you have a VPN. A Virtual Private Network is now an essential tool for those working at home. A VPN allows you to really disguise your connection and ensure that you are originating from another country or region. This way nobody can track your Internet activity, see your location, or get into your data.
  • Be more aware of your security. Physical locks on your Home Office will help you to keep your devices safe. It also may be worth investing in a safe for the office. Here is where you can keep all of your devices every evening so that they are locked away and nobody has to worry about them being stolen.

With the right security in place, your Home Office can be safe, Your documentation and data can be safe, and when it comes to purging any documents you no longer need, they won’t just be lost to the ether.