While this year’s makeup trends include some bolder looks (think vivid bright colors on the eyes), the natural “no makeup” look is also huge for 2019. In the age of caked and baked Instagram baddies, and the widespread popularity of Kim Kardashian’s signature smokey eyes, it can be quite a change to strip back on the makeup and rock a more natural look. Need a confidence boost to go more natural? We’ve got you covered! Keep reading for some tips and tricks to rock a minimal or completely makeup-free look with confidence this year. *This post contains affiliate links. A small commission is earned from the clicks on these links. 

Psychological Tricks

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Looking In The Mirror

Sometimes when we’re feeling insecure we avoid looking in the mirror. Evidence suggests we should do the exact opposite! Looking at your own reflection might actually help you feel confident going barefaced. In a study conducted by Dr. Tara Well et al. (2016), women looked at themselves in the mirror every day with the sole purpose of remaining present in the moment. Two weeks later, these same women reported feeling more comfortable with the way they look and less bothered about wearing makeup. Take some time in the morning to look at your reflection every day for a couple of weeks. It might help you feel more confident about sporting a natural look!

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Gradually Transitioning To A Lighter Face

If you regularly wear a full face, it can be nerve-wracking to go completely makeup-free straight away. Maybe you’re worried that people will notice a stark change the first time they see you with a more natural face? Instead of going from a full face to a natural look one day to the next, try cutting down on the amount of makeup you wear gradually.

  • Stick to mascara and skip the eyeshadow and liner
  • Switch from a heavy full coverage foundation to a light tinted moisturizer

Gradually apply less and less until you achieve the minimal or no makeup look that you desire. Because you’re making the switch gradually, your peers likely won’t even notice the difference in your appearance!

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Glow From Within

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Adopt A Healthier Lifestyle

A layer of makeup can cover a multitude of sins. Dark circles under your eyes? Just cover them with a brightening undereye corrector. Breakouts from greasy food? Simply mask blemishes with a full coverage concealer.   A makeup detox period is a perfect opportunity to focus on your health. Make changes to feel great and more confident inside while also looking better on the outside.

Your body will thank you for it and your skin will glow without using any cosmetics!

Better Skincare

The better your skin looks, the more confident you will feel to go out and about with minimal or no makeup. Amp up your skincare routine for clear and glowing natural skin.

  • In addition to your regular cleansing regimen, make time to exfoliate once or twice a week for a clearer complexion
  • Pimples and blackheads? Add a spot treatment and pore mask to your weekly skincare routine for blemish-free skin.

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Natural Beauty Routine

Just because you’re wearing little to no makeup, it doesn’t mean you can’t look polished. Looking presentable throughout the day will help you feel more confident with your natural look. eyelid with no makeup

Basics To Look Presentable

Even if you skip foundation, make sure you moisturize and apply sunscreen every morning to keep your skin hydrated and safe from the sun’s rays. Brush through your brows with a brow brush for a neat appearance. Grab an eyelash curler to lift and curl your lashes for an awake and well-rested look.

Stay Looking Fresh Throughout The Day

After working all morning in an air-conditioned office, it’s not unusual to have greasy skin by lunchtime. Carry some blotting papers or a translucent setting powder in your purse to keep the shine at bay. I like to bring Osea Sea Minerals Mist in my purse to help me look presentable throughout the day. It works great as a moisturizing spray. I also use the Tartiest Highlight Palette from Tarte Cosmetics to add some glow to the top of my cheeks when my skin looks dull.  Bonus tip: While you’re taking a break from mascara, apply a little bit of this cream on your lashes at night to keep them long and strong. A small amount also helps my brows grow back faster when I accidentally over pluck them! Those are my top tips for rocking the natural look with confidence. Are you switching up your makeup routine in 2019? Let me know down in the comments!  

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Laura shares beauty tips & tricks, reviews products, and evaluates academic research related to makeup at Makeupscholar.com. She is a recent MSc. Economics graduate, and has been obsessed with all things makeup and beauty related for over 10 years!