If you are anything like me, a variety of workouts keeps you motivated to stay fit. That’s why I decided to try the subscription-based fitness app Classpass for one week.

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UPDATE: 5/18/2024

Since first publishing this article, I have used ClassPass off and on. It has been a godsend for allowing me access to fun activities. I really enjoy dance courses and it really adds value to my life. Since updating my ClassPass account in November, I noticed that they have added NEW passes. You can now get massages, facials, and other beauty treatments using the points on your ClassPass app. This is great news! Another good reason to use ClassPass.

Classpass is a subscription-based fitness app that allows you to take classes at fitness studios all over your city. It makes getting a variety in your workouts super easy. There are three fitness packages to choose from:

$39/month – 18 credits. Good for 3 – 6 classes

$79/month – 38 credits. Good for 5 – 9 classes

$119/month – 58 credits. Good for 10 – 18 classes

$159/month – 80 credits. Good for 16 -30 classes


*Prices may vary per city.


There’s a good variety of classes to choose from. You can do anything from Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing, Strength and Conditioning, Dance, and there’s even the option to have gym time at local gyms. Variety is not an issue with this plan. Reserving classes is really easy and there are often many options and time frames to choose from.



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The classes I completed in my first week of using Classpass were:

50 minute Barre class at ToddPilates & Barre

1-hour Power Yoga class at Black Swan Yoga 

1-hour Barre3 Class  at Barre3

1-hour Afro-Brazillian Dance class at Ballet Austin


I listed the pros, so I wanted to list the cons of this service as well. When you sign up for Classpass, you aren’t really purchasing classes. You are purchasing credits. Each class is worth a certain amount of credits. For example, ‘Gym Time’ at a local gym is only going to cost you 3 credits, while a Barre class may cost you 6 credits. This means you have to ration your credits to make it through the month. You can always purchase more credits if needed, but if you are working on a tight budget, that may not be feasible.

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Another con is cancellations. Normally, if you have a membership to a studio, you can come and go as you like because you have already paid for the month. But with Classpass, when you book a class, you are reserving a space. So, if you don’t show up, they will charge you a cancellation fee. If you need to cancel for some reason, you have until 12 hours before class to do so with no penalty. Otherwise, you will be hit with a cancellation fee. On at least two occasions I wanted to cancel due to scheduling conflicts but knew that it was too late. So, I showed up to class late. This is my most challenging hurdle with Classpass, trying to juggle work, traffic, and finding parking in time to get to class. My advice is to bring your gym clothes with you to work instead of going home to change.

Another unpleasant thing about this membership is the restrictions on the number of times you can visit a studio. This means that if you love Barre3, you might have to visit multiple studios if you choose to take Barre3 numerous times during the month. This becomes an issue if the next closest studio is 45 minutes across town.

Who Is Classpass for?

Classpass is for the person looking for more variety in their workout regimen. If you are interested in trying Classpass  Try Class Pass For Free! Sign up here! And if you are ready to dive-in completely and commit to a monthly plan, you can sign up here.

I hope this post inspires you to stick to the fitness goals you made at the beginning of the year. Aim to set new goals each month and watch yourself get stronger!