People need natural light in order to be able to function properly, that’s just a fact. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that opulent natural lighting is the most sought-after feature when buying homes and properties is concerned. Not only does having enough sources of natural light make any room feel brighter and more spacious, but it also reduces the need for artificial lighting which, in turn, lowers the energy bill. Therefore, stay with us and find out all the ways you can increase natural light in your home.

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Don’t go against the light

The number one way to make the best out of the amount of natural light you have in your home is to opt for light and bright shades when decorating your interior. Even if all four of your walls are made of glass, the room will still feel gloomy if you overstuff it with dark furniture. Therefore, think neutrals for your walls, light natural shades for the furniture, as well as light and bright shades for carpets and curtains. This way, you’ll amplify the brightness of the room instead of suffocating it.

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High gloss is the boss

Glossy surfaces reflect the light – it’s as simple as that. So, instead of matte, go glossy wherever you can to make the room appear bigger and brighter. Also, consider filling your home with reflective surfaces, to maximize the light. Carefully placing mirrors so that they bounce off light throughout your home will instantly make it appear brighter. For the floors, especially if you’re not a carpet person, you can choose to go with wood, stone or ceramic with a polished finish.

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Literally bring more light in

Aside from making small alterations to your interior, you can choose to go all in and introduce additional sources of natural light. For example, you can choose to expand your windows or replace your old wooden back door with sliding doors with fly screens if the structure allows it. Sure, this project requires a bit bigger investment and you will need to hire reliable contractors, but the end result will be well worth it. Additionally, such improvements can bring you a significant ROI if you ever decide to sell the place.

Clean your windows and glass doors

Another quite easy way to bring more natural light to your interior is to give everything a nice scrub. People often forget just how dirty the windows can get, so once they clean them, they get pleasantly surprised. Therefore, make sure you clean your windows and glass doors at least once a week.

Rethink your window treatments

Dark, heavy curtains will, of course, prevent natural light from penetrating your interior – after all, that is their purpose. So, instead of those, you should opt for light, sheer fabrics if you want to bring more natural light in. Also, replace heavy blinds with light, pleated blinds and consider applying a highly-reflective silver window film so that you can enjoy the opulent light while still having some privacy during the day.

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Introduce glass blocks

Glass blocks are another interesting option if you want to make your rooms brighter, but you don’t want to go with an open floor plan. Wherever possible, replace your plaster walls with the ones made of glass blocks. You can do this with every wall except for the load bearing one, however, it is advisable that you hire a reliable contractor instead of attempting to do this by yourself.

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Consider adding skylights

If your home allows it, consider installing skylights to maximize brightness. Installing skylights is an excellent way to bring more light into the home as they receive the same amount of natural light throughout the day since they are placed on your roof.

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As you can see, bringing more natural light into your home and making a better use of it is not particularly difficult. It just requires some alterations and a pinch of creativity on your part. If you can, combine all of these tips for the ultimate effect, or choose to incorporate some of them if your budget is not yet ready for more serious projects. No matter the way you choose to go, let the sunshine in!

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Cooper Klein

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