One of my absolute favorite things about blogging about fashion, is the opportunity to discover FRESH new brands. I LOVE discovering things before they have become mainstream. Just call me a natural born talent scout. So when I found Milo + Nicki on Instagram, I had to reach out. And I am so glad I did!

Sakeenah wearing the smother jumpsuit

Cruelty-free, ethically designed.

Milo+Nicki is a sustainable women’s wear line inspired by designer Nicki’s (Milo is her adorable dog) Indian Zambian roots. Each piece is crafted with vibrancy and color to celebrate a woman’s unique and bold personality. The natural fiber and handwoven silhouettes are timeless and versatile.

What I Love About Milo + Nicki

Each piece is 100% biodegradable, naturally dyed with plant based dye, and is made with ethically produced fabric. Milo + Nicki considers the entire life cycle of each garment it produces. And that makes me and this earth very happy.

About this Collection

Milo+ Nicki’s first collection will consist of 6 pieces: the Amore maxi dress, the Smother jumpsuit, the Milano midi dress, the LR blouse, the Dream short, and the Paws for Change scarf.

I had the pleasure of trying on three pieces from this gorgeous collection. In the images above (starting from the top left to right) I am wearing the LR Blouse and Dream Short combo, the Smother jumpsuit, and the Milano midi dress. Though all pieces are equally unique in silhouette, my favorite piece was the Milano midi dress. I love the length. I’m 5′ 2 so the jumpsuit was quite long even with heels (which tends to be the case with most jumpsuits). But not only that, I love the way it felt on my body. During the photo shoot, all I wanted to do was twirl around. The hemline is gorgeous and I truly felt like a goddess. The LR blouse is a super cute crop. I don’t typically wear crop tops but this one felt more classy than you typical belly baring top. And both it and the matching shorts, have a fun tie in the back. It’s a sexy combo.

One thing that stood out to me about this collection was the quality of the fabric. It’s a heavier fabric yet still soft and silky to touch. It screams expensive, but according to Nick, that isn’t the case. You can be the first to own a piece from this amazing collection as the brand recently launched their KickStarter campiagn. But most importantly, you can be apart of helping fund and promote the sustainable fashion movement.