Yes, I have searched the depths of the earth for these amazingly chic Chinese Laundry ankle strap flats. You see, it all began with my dream board. About a year ago I was making a new dream board and cutting out photos of everything that I wanted. Amongst those were this ultra chic pair of flats. The model in the magazine layout was wearing some very cool French inspired outfits and the shoes she wore were ultra feminine and went with just about every ensemble she wore.

That was all I needed to begin my search. But, to my dismay the style was not current nor was the magazine. So I never happened upon that pair until now! I had aleady all but given up on the search thinking it just wasn’t meant to be. Then, one fine day I came to work and there they were. This pretty black ballet with a tiny wedge and an ankle strap. I stared at them. Pondered if I still needed them and ultimately just looked in admiration. Finally, I broke down and bought them. You see, I hunted for those shoes prior to my shift to conscious consumerism, so my enthusiasm for them had since died. But, I kept thinking about how long I had waited and searched. And I know how cute these will look with all my Fall attire. So I did it. I bought them, and it was the best decision ever! That day those shoes got a lot of looks from other shoppers in the store and I just couldn’t allow the opportunity to finally have them slip through my fingers. And as I sit here an type this with my feet looking pretty in these flats, I know I made the right decision.

Moral of the story?  Don’t let a good shoe opportunity pass you by, you never know how long it’ll take for the next opportunity to come around!

Now enjoy some fashion!

I walk with a crown, whether imaginary or real. In my heart its still there.


The Ark & Co. skirt is sold out but they have a similar style here . This skirt will blend right in with your Fall attire. It’s on sale for $36 don’t miss your opportunity!

The Chinese Laundry Shoes are to die for! The perfect flat. They have a similar style here that I know you will like too!

Simple black spaghetti strap from H&M.

Cool girl shades, I can’t locate who designed my shade but the link is for a great round pair from ASOS!