I went to Houston and all I have to show for it is this Pink Clay Mask from It’s Lovely. Ha! That pretty much sums up my shopping habits. While my friend was going gaga over thrift finds, all I could think about was this mask that I found at Space Montrose. Everything they sell is 100% made in the U.S. including this yummy mask.

I love a good clay mask because it helps pull out the excess oil from my skin. Plus its gentle. Expect this mask to dry fast! But, not with the same tightness as the bentonite clay mask.

“A beautifying and softening mask. The french pink clay and rosehip powder soothes irritated skin and promotes skin cell renewal, all while nourishing and polishing your pores. Good for all skin types and mature skin.”~ itslovely.co

The essential oils used for fragrance make this mask a pure experience. I was a little hesitant about wearing it because it is very fragrant, but the essential oils did not react with my skin.I actually felt my skin was more calm after using it. Did I mention I loved the smell?


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