So last weekend, I drove to Dallas from Austin to meet my cousin and her friends for her b-day weekend. We managed to miss the storms from Hurricane Harvey . One of the highlights from the trip was our visit to Lush Cosmetics. I’d heard about Lush Cosmetics before but hadn’t actually gotten around to visiting their store here in Austin. So, I was very happy to discover the store while in Dallas.

lush cosmetics scrubee review


First off, let me say that this store was made for me. It’s like if Willy Wonka designed a natural skin care store instead of a candy factory. There’s so much color, and the way that everything is displayed, makes it feel like an interactive experience. Not to mention, you can try out products while you are in the store. Lush prides themselves on making fresh beauty products and many of the products come with an expiration date.  If I wasn’t  so good at budgeting, I would have definitely dropped some serious coin in that store. I managed to only spend $7.95 for a Scrubee bar and I picked up a FREE sample of their Cup O’ Coffee facial scrub .

lush cosmetics scrubee review

Angie the store clerk who is featured in the video below was so kind and helpful with her suggestions. Thank you Angie! Now, my honest opinion about the ‘Scrubee’?  Well for one it smells amazing. It’s made with cocoa butter and shea butter and it smells like creme brulee aroma. It literally leaves my bathroom smelling like. My favorite thing about the Scrubee is how it leaves my skin moisturized after showering. Being black and darker skinned at that, I get really ashy after showering, so lotion is a neccesity. When I use this bar after showering, I don’t need to put on lotion because the cocoa butter and shea butter melt into my skin. It leaves my skin smelling and feeling good. LOVE!



There are some down sides to the Scrubee which have led me to use it less often. The oils and the almond shells can stick to the tub. It leads to a messy clean up. My first time using it at home, I got out of the tub and refused to even think about cleaning it up. I typically wash the tub after showering because I really like having a clean bathroom. But, when I use the Scrubee bar, I give myself a day or two because it can take a while to get all the little almond bits to go down the drain.

The bar can get used up pretty quickly so I recommend using it once or twice a week that way you get the most bang for your $7.95.  Overall, I love the bar and I’m eager to try more of their products. But to be honest with you, I’ll probably be playing around with some DIY recipes inspired by their products.

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