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When I ask most people if they would like to live a bit more sustainably (or green), they say YES! But who has the time?!.

It can be really hard to navigate every angle of sustainability, not to mention time consuming, and often a little depressing.

It’s my job to help make the transition to sustainability a whole lot easier, which is how I connected with Sakeenah.

When I go into someone’s home I’m focused on system changes that don’t require their habits to change too much; for example, change light bulbs, switch out cleaning products, upgrade fixtures to be low-flow, etc.


The hardest part of any home is the bathroom – so many personal care products!



Here is a handy list of ingredients that are on my watch list:

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If you are not interested in reading the fine print of your tiny bottles (and really, who is) test out this app from Environmental Working Group, or this one from Good Guide. You can scan the bar code of tons of products to see how they are rated. It even works for cleaning products as well as personal care.

Friday Changing Light Bulb

Since it is summer, be sure to use EWG to check your sunscreen.

Right now, my two favorite brands are EO Products and True Botanicals. I know that anything from either of these companies is clean and green and best of all effective!


                                                       Friday’s Picks

david's natural toothpaste

Below are my everyday favorites. The body serum is no longer produced but can be found on Amazon – I’ve totally stocked up because it absolutely changed my life for the better. I love it! I just started using True Botanicals a few months ago; I really like what I have and am looking forward to trying one of the Vitamin C + Serum combos. Finally, I’m including David’s toothpaste because after much testing this is the only one I feel 100% good about AND actually like using. Bonus, the tube is recyclable!

I also use EO shampoo and conditioner as well as everyday dish-soap (Eucalyptus Lemon – yum).

About Friday

Friday founded her company because she is passionate about the environment, and an determined optimist, who believes we all want to do a little better. She spent years at The Department of the Environment in San Francisco and launched her business to help busy families and individuals. Her services include customized plans and resources to green your entire home, as well as sustainable baby registries and emergency prep kits.

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